Sole F80 VS F85, Which should you buy?

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“Confused which one to pick Sole F80 or F85? Here is the complete comparison between SOLE F80 vs F85”

Both the Sole F80 and F85 are quite similar, they have almost the same dimensions, weight, and max. user weight capacity but the Sole F85 has slightly better features as compared to the Sole F80, like a better & bigger display, powerful motor, 25lbs. higher weight capacity. But the Sole F80 is a better choice, you can go with it as well, it has all the essential features a user needs. But if you have no budget issues then go with the Sole F85.

A treadmill is a great everyday workout machine and you probably are already aware of it and are willing to dedicate a small space of your home to this extremely beneficial or maybe want to add this to your gym.

So a treadmill lets you have your daily run while actually being indoors, so that bright sun ain’t burning you anymore. It helps you in tracking your activity, improves your heart health, helps in toning your muscles, and obviously makes you lose weight.

There is no doubt that a treadmill is actually very beneficial and can help you in being consistent with your daily exercise routine to reach your fitness goals and that is the reason why it is one of the most demanded machines.

Sole F80 vs F85

Sole F80 and F85 are very well-known treadmills in the market by sole fitness. Even though they might sound quite similar by their names there are actually some major differences that can make you rethink your decision.

Both have high built quality and serve high performance but you obviously have to choose one, one that serves all your requirements and justifies the price that has to be paid for it to bring it home.

This Sole F80 vs F85 is to make you understand which one is more suitable for you. This will compare each and every aspect of both the treadmills and will let you know which one is the best buy for you.

In this Sole F80 vs Sole F85, we will talk about their specs, details, features, pros, and cons and finally, we will come to the verdict of Sole F80 vs F85. Following are the details regarding the dimensions of the machine and its features.

Dimensions of machineSole F80Sole F85
Height57” in57”
Length82” in83”
Width37” in37”
Item weight278 lbs301 lbs
Weight capacity375 lbs400 lbs
Running surface22”x60”22”x60”
Step up height8”8”
Control and featuresSole F80Sole F85
Bluetooth speakerYes Yes 
Phone/tablet holderYes Yes 
USB chargingYes Yes 
Bluetooth compatibilityYes Yes 
Standard programs66
Custom programs22
Heart programs22
Heart rate monitorPulse grips and chest strapPulse grip and chest strap
Chest strapYesYes 
Cooling fansYesYes 
Sound systemYesYes 
Workout display9.0” LCD10.1 TFT, LCD
Display colorWhite Black litWhite black lit
Motor 3.5 CHP, DC type4 CHP, DC type
Speed5-12 mph5-12 mph
Incline0-15 levels0-15 levels
Easy assist foldingYesYes 
Belt2 Ply2 Ply

It is clear that both Sole F80 and F85 are quite similar however there are few additions in F85 which makes it an upgraded version of F80.

Sole fitness provides lifetime warranty for the frame, motor and deck for both Sole F80 and F85 and 5 years warranty for its electronics. Which can be considered as proof of its durability.

Sole Fitness is a fitness equipment based company that is known worldwide for its high-quality fitness equipment that includes treadmills, elliptical, bikes and other fitness-related accessories.

Sole Fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the world and has also been awarded for its quality product and customer satisfaction.

This makes it one of the best options available in the market for fitness-based equipment. Sole Fitness has consistently got favoring reviews for the treadmills that it offers. Today we will be comparing two of the best treadmills sold by Sole fitness that are Sole F80 and F85.

Sole F80 Review

Sole F80: Sole F80 is the best rated treadmill in its class. It gives high performance at reasonable cost.

Sole F80 is equipped with Cushion Flex Whisper Deck which helps in reducing impact on knees, feet and other joints by up to 40% when compared to running on asphalt, this is clearly noticeable after regular use.

Sole F80 vs F85
CC: Sole

It absorbs shock and helps in preventing injuries and strains that can be caused due to jogging or running. F80 accommodate both joggers and runners.

Due to its reversible deck it produces less noise as compared to other decks and runs very smoothly and also increase the life of the deck.

There are a total of 10 Sole F80 workout programs 6 are standard workout programs, 2 are custom workout programs and 2 are heart programs this provides multiple options to the exerciser however it is still quite less as compared to its competitors.

Sole F80 is a foldable treadmill to makes it easy to transport but this does not make it compromise with its stability and power, it has got easy assist folding which does the work by just pressing a switch eliminating the cumbersome process of folding and unfolding the treadmill.

Its safety lock deck design ensures treadmills stays at its plays when placed in an upright position.

Talking about sole F80 console, it comes with a 9” black and white LCD display and the control is quite convenient with quick speed/incline buttons along the sides of the LCD screen.

It also has a cooling fan, USB charging port, and tablet/phone holder as well as additional features near the display.USB charging port helps in charging devices while one is working out.


  • Very powerful yet noiseless
  • User friendly
  • Foldable frame(occupy less space when not in use)
  • USB charging port
  • Large running surface
  • Lifetime warranty for the ​frame, deck and motor
  • 375lbs weight capacity
  • Storage space for water bottle, phone, etc.


  • Side trails are a bit short
  • Not portable due to its heavy weight

Sole F85 Review

Sole F85 can simply be called an upgraded version of F80. Its latest model is sole f84 2019 which is as flawless as it could ever be in this price range.

Sole fitness has basically took all goods from F80 and added a few more features and the outcome was F85. This product has always caught eyes of fitness equipment reviewers and is a highly rated treadmill.

 Sole F80 vs Sole F85
CC: Amazon

As said earlier it takes all the good points of F80 so it comes with a cushion flex whisper desk that reduces the impact on knees and other joints by about 40% making workout even more comfortable by not causing any damage to joints due to its shock absorbing technology.

Similar to its successor sole F85 comes with its preset workout programs that has 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs and 2 heart programs.

Sole F85 manual comes with clear instructions that make the assembling of the product very easy.

It again is a foldable treadmill something for which sole fitness is very well known it’s easy to assist folding makes the folding and unfolding experience effortless.

Sole F85 console is a large vibrant 10.1 LCD display which is the largest console that sole fitness provides.

Two things that set sole F85 apart from sole F80 is its extremely powerful motor and its weight capacity. With a 4 CHP motor, it ensures performance and power. It runs smoothly even during the hardest workouts.

Sole F85 comes with a weight capacity of 400lbs while sole F80 provided 375 lbs. It is a strong frame that can handle users of various weights and heights.


  • Great display
  • Is compact because of its foldable frames
  • Spacious running surface
  • Power incline is 15% which is more than usual
  • Smooth and doesn’t make noise
  • High built quality with lifetime warranty of deck, frame and motor
  • Weight capacity up to 400 pounds


  • Short side trails
  • Extremely heavy in weight
  • Doesn’t support touchscreen

Sole F85 vs F80

So finally it is time for the verdict of Sole F80 vs F85. Both of these are undeniably great products and live up to the expectations of being a Sole fitness product.

However one is superior than the other and that is Sole F85 without any doubts but the question that arises here is do you require that extra powerful motor and 400 lbs weight capacity.

The answer of Sole F80 vs F85 lies totally in the requirement of the exerciser. Sole F85 is a beast made for extreme runners to handle the hardest workouts which makes it one of the best treadmills for extreme runners and that is why it is a highly rated treadmill.

However, if you are a person who prefers jogging and normal running you do not necessarily require a 4 CHP motor that means sole F80 is sufficient for you.

Another major difference is the weight capacity difference which should not really mind you if you are not someone who falls in the category of 375-400 lbs. However, it does make a difference for those who fall under this category.

So none of these is winning or losing this battle. The decision totally depends on the requirements, if you require a powerful motor that F85 offers or those extra 25lbs that extra money that has to be paid for F85 is absolutely reasonable.

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