Sole S77 Treadmill Review, is it worth 1800+ Dollars?

Sole S77 is a feature packed treadmill that comes with $$$$ price tag, and the confusion is obvious, our SOLE S77 Treadmill Review will help you in deciding whether to buy this or NOT?

When it comes to exercising it is almost like a fight between your lazy-self and your fitness-loving self. But bringing home the Sole Fitness S77 fitness can be a real saver for you. 

Since quite a long time, the Sole S77 Treadmill has provided the feel of a gym to people who have installed this machine in their homes. Now coming with Bluetooth it’s a great value ever seen before. 

​The Sole S77 Review being designed primarily for the fitness enthusiasts and more specifically for the runners and walk lovers. Key focuses are a 4.0 CHP engine, 15 slope levels, a 22″ x 60″ track, and 10 exercise programs.

Helping wellness freaks expand their exercise time, impeccably the S77 Treadmill includes an MP3 player port, a sound framework, and speakers. 

Display9″ Blue Back Lit LCD
Motor4.0 CHP
Tread belt22″ x 60″
Workout Programs10 (2-Custom, 2-HRC)
Speed0.5-12 MPH
Weight253 lbs.
Weight Limit325 lbs.
WarrantyFrame: Lifetime, Motor, 5-yr, Parts, 2-yr. Labour
Heart Rate MonitorHRC/w wireless belt
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SOLE S77 Treadmill Review

SOLE S77 Treadmill Review
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One very unique feature of Sole S77 Treadmill is that The S77 displays exercise format two ways. The default is the treadmill’s easy-to-read 9″ graphic screen and also through the digital phone and apps.

The Sole Fitness App can send details to FitBit, iHealth, MyFitnessPal and other versatile projects that help individuals track and expand their wellness endeavors.

It doesn’t end here, the Sole S77 Treadmill is a non-collapsing home treadmill which gives the vibe of a business exercise center coach. Among its top of the line, parts are an additional enormous and multi-layered track, 2.75″ rollers and a 4.0 drive nonstop obligation engine.

Advanced tech coordination on every single Sole treadmill is better than anyone might have expected and furthermore upgraded information screens. The new S77 shows off Sole’s best information screen, a 10.1″ realistic presentation. Here are insights concerning the treadmill’s exercise programs.

​So, without wasting more time, lets deep down into the Specs of the machine, as specifications are also an important part of the Sole S77 Treadmill Review.

Workout Programs

The Sole S77 has a 10-thing program menu. The decisions are manual mode, two pulses controlled exercises, two client structured projects, and five exemplary treadmill exercise projects named Fat Burn, Cardio, Interval, Hill, and Strength.

The exercise projects control the treadmill’s speed and slant and can be set for various time lengths. Different client profiles for Sole S77 Treadmill Reviews can be set up with the new Sole Fitness portable application.

The S77 doesn’t overwhelm you when you initially jump on since the beginning pace is a quiet 0.5 mph. In any case, it can arrive at the 12 mph speed you’re familiar with on a gymnasium quality machine.

The grade range is very great, from 0° to 15°, and there are ten distinct projects (six norms, two traditions, and two pulses) to browse. There are grasp and chest screen alternatives, which Sole cases are 99% precise. 

The screen on this treadmill persistently shows speed, slant, separation voyaged, slipped by time, heartbeat, pace, and calories consumed. It can likewise demonstrate a pinnacle and valley diagram and ¼ mile track for a portion of the included projects.


We have designed the PROs and CONs for both sets of people, the ones who are in hurry and want to read-only between the lines and the other set of people who want to thoroughly go through the likes and dislikes of Sole S77 treadmill.

And without PROs and CONs, I think SOLE S77 Treadmill Review is imcomplete. So first there is a detailed version of all the pros and cons of Sole S77 and later there is an in brief format for our specific readers in a hurry: 


  • High-quality development: The S77, similar to every single Sole treadmill, has an impenetrable business steel outline. We question that slug format treadmills are a typical issue, yet it’s decent to be informed about various other club-quality segments are a two-handle belt, a deck with great stun retention and 2.75″ belt rollers.
  • For strolling and running: Start it moderate or keep running at max speed. While numerous treadmills have velocity scopes of one to 10 mph, the scope of S77 is from 0.5 to 12 mph. Also, because of the power slant, notwithstanding strolling at a moderate speed over this treadmill can consume a lot of calories.
  • Strength slant: The computerized grade has a maximum slant of 15% to upgrade your cardio task, raise calorie to consume and increase muscle tone.
  • Not so Difficult peruse screen: Recently overhauled, the Sole’s 9″ realistic screen is intended for simpler perusing. It demonstrates information in light blue and white against black for high differentiation. The LCD screen is exceptionally simple to peruse and demonstrates the majority of the data you’d need to see. Be that as it may, maybe the coolest component on the showcase is Sole’s incorporated message board. It causes you to experience the subtleties of an exercise as you set it up, directly on the screen, so you don’t need to hold glancing back at the client’s manual or an online guide. When you’re done, the message board demonstrates to you a recap of the exercise you’ve just finished.
  • Tablet reconciliation and follow up with data: The freshest Sole treadmills consist of Bluetooth for associating a tablet PC and working of the Sole Fitness application. The application gives you a chance to set your very own sort of exercises and after those utilization different applications during activity if you pick. Your exercise information will be put away on your cell phone and can be forwarded to MyFitnessPal, FitBit, and different wellness applications. The Sole Fitness application additionally has an exercise schedule and other valuable highlights.
  • Commercial engine: The S77 Treadmill comprise of a peaceful business level 4.0 CHP engine. This engine comes with a lifetime ensure and, not at all like lower quality choices, also comes with two zinc-covered flywheels which help limit vibration. Therefore the relatively quiet operation of the treadmill is also a big plus.
  • Track size: An open 60″ x 22″ running territory recognizes this treadmill from different players, regardless of whether private or business. The track is even though long enough for tall sprinters and 2″ more extensive than vast treadmill tracks. The wider track is a nice feature, but it’s critical if you’re an XXL (or XXXL) workout warrior.
  • Track padding: Helping sprinters maintain a strategic distance from joint agony, Sole’s Cushion Flex Whisper Deck retains sway essentially superior to anything black-top can. Strolling on a Sole treadmill rather than outside is about 40% simpler on our joints.
  • Wireless pulse peruses: The treadmill has contact heartbeat sensors and is perfect with remote chest lashes for pulse observing.
  • Non-Folding Design: Most wellness sweethearts who purchase a treadmill of this bore only from time to time require a collapsing capacity. The advantages of a non-collapsing treadmill are that it gives greater solidness and a strong vibe. Joined with the 250 lb. unit weight, it would take a sumo wrestler doing interim preparing to shake this machine. We prescribe you get within conveyance alternative. The Sole S77 treadmill a bear to move. A further advantage, machines without a collapsing instrument have a diminished expense contrasted with those that crease.
  • Audio: The Sole S77 comes with a Bluetooth so we can undoubtedly tune in to what we want to play on our music player. The Sole S77 treadmill survey has uproarious speakers and also a tranquil engine… an ideal mix.
  • 2 ¾” Crowned Rollers: The enormous rollers broaden the life of the rollers, yet additionally the orientation and the belt. Delegated rollers, which are bigger in the middle, make a superior showing of following while further broadening the life of the belt.
  • Great warranty: Now, the Sole S77 treadmill conveys a lifetime guarantee for its edge, engine, and deck; also a five-year guarantee for parts; and also a two-year understanding for in-home fixes. Sole Fitness feels sure about the machine’s toughness, or else they wouldn’t offer such a general guarantee.
  • Extras: Extra highlights incorporate coordinated, Bluetooth sound speakers, tablet holder and a USB charging port.


  • Program assortment: Sole treadmills have just ten exercise programs. “Just?” Some would state that ten’s all that anyone could need, however, we should call attention to that it’s on the bottom end. The program menu comprises of only six standard preset exercises, two pulse control exercises, and two clients planned exercises.
  • Large size: The S77 has Sole’s biggest treadmill base. Its impression estimates 35″ x 83″.

Sole S77 Review

  • 4.0 HP engine gives speeds from .5 mph up to the difficult 12 mph
  • 36” width enables sprinters of all steps to encounter achievement
  • 15 unique degrees of slope
  • Highest-grade steel casing upheld with a lifetime guarantee
  • Rated for clients up to 400 lbs.
  • Rated “Best Buy” by Treadmill Ratings and Reviews and Treadmill Reviews
  • Intuitive usefulness incorporates changing slope naturally to keep up objective pulse
  • Cushion Flex Whisper Deck lessens joint stun and effect harm by 40%
  • Smoothest advances between levels of grade
  • Commercial treadmill without the business costs
  • Bluetooth Audio Speakers – tune in to music from your shrewd gadgets through the speakers on the reassure.
  • USB Port – Charge your shrewd gadgets while working out
  • Integrated tablet holder – allows you to utilize your shrewd gadgets to watch appears or pursue your exercise schedules
  • 10.1” TFT screen gives clean readouts of data including separation secured, pulse, calories consumed, thus substantially more
  • Pre-set projects give difficulties to all wellness levels.

On the off chance that power is the thing that you need; at that point, the Sole S77 treadmill survey certainly has that. Besides, it is far more moderate than different treadmills with practically identical quality.

So in case, you’re an in-your-face sprinter who needs a gigantic engine for exceptional exercises, this model is surely a superb decision.

The Sole S77 treadmill review effectively gains positive audits. It rivals business treadmills however cost considerably less. You’d be unable to discover other treadmill consisting of this large a track and elite at this cost.

You can buy this from Amazon, as it will help you in returns if you found any problem with the machine. Who should look elsewhere? The Sole S77 treadmill price is around 1600+ dollars.

On the off chance that you are a sprinter, you’ll welcome the extra-long belt. This machine is magnificent for dashes and interim preparing. On the off chance that you intend to do some genuine preparing, the 4.0 constant obligation engines will give that additional power you’ll require.

This size engine will never strain except if you are a sumo wrestler. The Sole S77 treadmill examination is worked for genuine sprinters at a truly sensible cost, and since it is non-collapsing, you will discover it somewhat steadier than the collapsing F85 rendition.

The Sole S77 treadmill is a good investment for your health. It’s a solid, well-constructed treadmill and it is going to last forever. Our only issue with the treadmill is the lack of programmed workouts and the ability to track your performance.

If this is something you are also looking for, you may want to check out our reviews of other treadmills on our website.

They offer more along these lines, but typically you’re going to give up a little on the quality and durability side. Here we are ending our SOLE S77 Treadmill Review, if you have any questions regarding S77 you can comment down below.

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