SportPlus Indoor Rower Review: What makes it SO POPULAR?

SportPlus Indoor Rower is a very popular rower, but is it really worth buying? We are going to answer this today in our SportPlus Indoor Rower Review.

This SportPlus Indoor Rower Review will discuss everything that you need to know about the 1205 precision rower as well as everything you can get out of it.

Our aim with the SportPlus Indoor Rower Review is to provide our audience with thorough and well-researched information with a full breakdown of its PROs and CONs to assist them in making a well-informed purchasing decision.

Keep reading to find out more about whether or not you should buy the Stamina precision rower.

A Rower or a Rowing Machine is a full-body workout machine that helps every single part of the body. It is not a targeted workout machine, it works on the entire body.

To carry out an entire stroke on a rowing machine, you have to use your whole body. It is not similar to the elliptical, which allows you to take a break on at least your arms while still working the rest of your body, but a rowing machine will make sure you use your whole body while using it.

There are so many great things about this rower, and there are bad things about the SportPlus Indoor Rower, and today we are going to show you all the goods and bads about this rower.

Without wasting more time let’s get into our SportPlus Indoor Rowing Machine Review.

SportPlus Indoor Rower Review

SportPlus Indoor Rower Review
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SportPlus is an affordable and feature-packed rowing machine with 1000+ ratings and reviews, which makes it one of the most famous rowing machines that you can buy from amazon.

And in our SportPlus Indoor Rowing Machine Review, we are going to find why it is so popular and does you really need to buy this or go for something else.

Here we are going to tell you about everything that we found during our testing with the SportPlus Indoor Rower.

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But before going in our SportPlus Indoor Rower Review, let’s see some of the SportPlus Indoor Rower specifications first.

Dimensions190 x 51 x 77 cm
Product Weight 29.6 kg
Max. Weight Capacity150 kg
Resistance 8 Levels (Magnetic)
Flywheel8 kg
Foldable YES
Warranty1 year
Check AvailabilityRead Reviews


The body of the SportPlus Indoor Rower is made up of high tensile aluminum, which makes it lighter as well stronger, which means you are getting a strong yet lightweight frame.

The overall weight of the SportPlus Indoor Rower is around 30kg and because of the aluminum body, it can easily handle up to 150 kg. 

SportPlus Indoor Rower Review
CC: Amazon

They also used poly carbonate materials to make the cover of some parts, and the quality of those materials is also good, not as good as the costly rowers, but acceptable.

They used white and red color combination here, and in another model, which is slightly costly, they used black and red color combination, this paint also prevents the body from scratches and corrosion.

The best feature of the body of the SportPlus Indoor Rower is it can easily fold in half, which saves a lot of space while storing the rower. And after folding it becomes very compact, and the SportPlus Indoor Rower dimensions change from 190 x 51 x 77 cm to 95 x 51 x 122 cm.

The seat of the SportPlus Indoor Rower is also wide to provide you perfect support, but it is a little hard, if you are planning to use the machine for more than 30 minutes, then you might feel pain.

At the front part of the base of the SportPlus Indoor Rower, you will also find two transport rollers that you can use to move this machine from one place to another.

And at the back, there are two stabilizers that you can use to make an even stable bottom in uneven surfaces.

The pedals are made up of anti-slip tread surfaces and come with safety straps to secure your foot in one place while working out. These pedals are fixed means they don’t move with the movement of the body.

The handlebar of the rower is also padded to provide you a good grip and it will not slip from your hands if you have sweaty hands like mine.


The SportPlus Indoor Rower console is a basic one, which is divided into seven parts that shows all the stats of your workout like training time, distance, strokes/min, total strokes and approximate calorie consumption at a glance.

SportPlus Indoor Rower Review
CC: Amazon

The display is an LCD panel that can be easily visible from any place while doing the rowing, and the display comes with five buttons to control the menu.

The console of the SportPlus Indoor Rower also allows you to set a timer and allows you to press a ‘Rest’ timer to get a 60 seconds timer (just press it again for longer).

The only thing missing here is the pulse sensor, there is no Heart Rate Monitoring sensor here. And no option to hold a tablet or phone.


There are many SportPlus Indoor Rower features that we found during our test, and we are mentioning them here in this section, to make this easy to read we are going to make a bullet list of all the features.

  • Eight Resistance Levels: The SportPlus Indoor Rower comes with eight resistance levels to choose from, which makes it a perfect machine for all kinds of people. You can adjust the resistance form a knob which is present below the console.
  • Magnetic Resistance: The SportPlus Indoor Rower comes with magnetic resistance which makes it quiet and easy to use and hassle-free rowing machine. Magnetic Resistance is quieter than the air and water resistance.
  • 8 KG Flywheel: The SportPlus Indoor Rower uses an 8 kg flywheel to create the resistance and cable system which also improves the comfort and decreases the maintenance.
  • Foldable Body: The body of the SportPlus Indoor Rower is a foldable one, which saves the space while storing the machine.
  • Lightweight: The weight of the machine is light enough that anyone can easily move the machine from here to there and it can hold up to 150 kgs of maximum user weight as well.

Assembly & Warranty

sportplus rowing machine review
CC: Amazon

The SportPlus Indoor Rower assembly process is also easy, as all the parts come with numbers and they provide a detailed instruction to do the assembly, you will not get confused while doing the assembly.

All the big parts come pre-assembled, you only have to attach the small parts only. In our testing, we have completed the assembly in less than one hour, other users completed their assembly in 1.5 hours maximum. 

The SportPlus Indoor Rower comes with 12 months of the warranty period, and if you find any issues with the machine then you can contact the company and they will come and repair your rower or replace it.


We just can’t conclude our SportPlus Indoor Rower review until and unless we talk about its PROs & CONs so let’s finish this SportPlus Indoor Rowing machine review by stating all its pros and cons that can affect our judgment for this rowing machine severely.


  • Great Ratings and Reviews: The SportPlus Indoor Rower has great reviews and ratings over amazon, till this date, it got 1000+ ratings and 4.2 stars out of 5.
  • Affordable: The price of the SportPlus Indoor Rower is also affordable, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a good rower.
  • Quiet: As the SportPlus Indoor Rower uses magnetic resistance, which makes it a lot quieter than the other air rowers.
  • Foldable Design: The SportPlus Indoor Rower comes with a foldable design to save space while storing.


  • The handlebar is weak: In our testing, we have found that the handlebar is a little weak, they have used aluminum for the handlebar as well.
  • No Pulse Sensor: There are many other rowing machines which have pulse sensors, but SportPlus Indoor Rower doesn’t come with one.

Here we are at the end of our SportPlus Indoor Rowing machine review, in our testing, we found that this is a great rowing machine, that comes with amazing features, like foldable design, magnetic resistance, LCD display, aluminum body and 12 months warranty, all for a very reasonable price.

These things make this a great affordable rowing machine one can buy, and if you are looking for some of its alternatives then you can check out these machines as well.

SportPlus Indoor Rowing machine lacks some features like pulse sensor, training programs, wireless connectivity, media shelf, but at this price, you cannot expect too much.

And at last, you can read the reviews of the users who already purchased this rowing machine, and they all are happy with the machine, so we recommend you to “GO FOR IT”.

We hope our SportPlus Indoor Rower Review helped you in making a better decision, and if you have any questions regarding our review, you can comment down below, we are happy to assist you.

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