Stamina X Air Rower Review: Is it worth your $$$ or NOT?

Rowing machines are often underrated as a gym machine however, here at fit territory we acknowledge how beneficial a rowing machine can be and that it has a lot to offer. Thus, today we are here for one of the most frequently asked reviews that is Stamina X Air Rower Review.

But before we start with this Stamina X Rower Review here is a small overview of Stamina as a brand.

Stamina is a well-known brand in the market of exercise equipment. It was established in 1987 and since then it has managed to maintain its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy exercise equipment producer in the market. Stamina is known for its high quality and durable products.

There are several exercise equipment they bring to the market like treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, steppers, and rowers. 
Today we will be focusing on one of its highly talked about air rowing machine that is Stamina X and shares our views it.

Dimensions78.5″ x 18″ x 29″
Assembled Weight63 lbs (28.5 kg)
FrameSteel frame
User Weight Limit250 lbs (113 kg)
ResistanceAir Resistance
WarrantyFrame: 3 years, Parts: 90 days

Stamina X Air Rower Review

stamina x air rower review

Stamina brand is quite popular in the market for its rowers and that is the reason why Stamina rower reviews are something no fitness freak should miss.

Stamina X created a lot of buzzes when it was first introduced in the market but the dilemma is if it still is worth the buzz and the money even after such a long time. That is what has brought us here for this Stamina X Rower Review.

Because one major question that comes to the user’s mind is that can Stamina X rowing machines still manage to compete with the other rowing machines that are in the market or are they outdated now? 

Here in this Stamina Rower Review, we will find out the answer to this question.

Stamina X Rowing Machine is an average priced or rather an affordable rowing machine that is packed with several features.  In this Stamina Air Rower Review, we will cover its specifications, its features, functions, and other details and will be talking about its pros and cons too to come to verdict whether or not this machine best buy under this price range. 


Body: Stamina X Air Rower is quite affordable so the first question that comes to our mind is whether or not it will live up to our expectations when it comes to its quality. And to your surprise, the answer is yes.

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine is of extremely high built quality and will never disappoint you when it comes to its durability. This machine is quite sturdy so you can never guess its price by its quality. The frame is made of steel that gives a rich and sturdy feel. 

This machine is as durable as any other high budget rowing machine; however, it cannot match other commercial grade rowing machines when it comes to its maximum user weight capacity.

Its maximum user weight capacity is 250 lb that is 113.398 kg; this can be enough for many of us but still is not the best and for those who weigh more than 250 lb it can be big disappointment and not even make to their buying list.

This air rowing machine slides on rails, it slides with the help of rollers that are installed at the bottom. Even the rollers have a high built quality so one can be totally carefree and need not have to worry about its wear and tear.         

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To make this rowing machine stable stamina has provided rubber stands. These rubber stands ensure that Stamina X stays in place while the user is vigorously training on it.

This is not a commercial air rowing machine that can be used in gyms so it might not be as good as commercial-grade machine but it does its work as home gym equipment quite well.

Even the size of Stamina X is a bit smaller than the other rowing machines which also mean it is not as bulky as others. 

Design: Stamina X Rowing machine has a space-saver design. Its fan and console can be folded so it does not occupy much of your space and you do not require to dedicate half of your room for this rowing machine.

Apart from its extremely compact design and easy to store feature another thing to mention here is that this machine is quite portable too. 

It comes with wheels at the bottom that facilitates its transportation. Since the frame is foldable it can be stored and transported very easily. The seat is well-padded and cushioned which makes it very comfortable to row on it.

Even the handles are well padded for a better grip. The pulling bar has an excellent grip and since the handles are made of good quality foam it is expected to last long. 

Stamina X footrests are pivoting footrests that adjust according to the user’s requirement, so there is no unwanted extra tension on foot.

Another good addition is that stamina x supports built-in wheels, these wheels are installed at the bottom which makes its transport very easy.

Resistance: Stamina X Air Rower Machine is an air resistance rowing machine. This means it utilizes air for providing resistance for a more challenging workout. The good thing about Stamina X Air Rowing Machine is that the machine has no limit to its resistance. The harder you row the harder is the resistance. 

This also means that the resistance levels are manual hence you can’t decide beforehand the level of resistance you want; it depends on your performance. This gives you a room for progress too.

So, for all the hardcore trainers out there this rowing machine is one thing to look forward too. And since any review for any workout machine is 50% dependent upon its resistance it is no harm in saying that this machine is already making into our wishlist.

Console: Stamina X screen is an LCD screen that displays all the workout related data. It displays information like strokes per minute, distance, speed, stroke count, total time, and calories.

It comes with a 3-panel display that can show up to 3 values at a time on screen. So, with this rowing machine one can keep a check on his or her progress.

One added feature to its display is that the screen turns off after 4 minutes of inactivity. This multifunctional monitor works well and provides enough features for a good rowing workout.

The user interface is quite easy so one can easily use it. One major drawback with stamina x monitor is that does not support back-light which makes its screen very dull, the screen is not as sharp and bright as its competitors.

Due to the lack of back-lit screen users find it difficult to read the information that is displayed on the monitor. 

Warranty: Warranty is one thing that can make or break a deal for many of us thus in this Stamina X Air Rower Review it is important to talk about the warranty period that Stamina has to offer for its rowing machine. 

And we feel quite sad to mention the fact that stamina x does not come with the best warranty period. Its frame comes with a warranty period of 3 years while on the other hand its parts are covered with a warranty period of 90 days.

This might make you think twice before reaching any decision since stamina is not backing you up in case any damages.

Assembly: Assembling Stamina X is not a hard task at all. It can be done very easily single-handedly and does not take more than half an hour since most of its important parts come already assembled.

So, within no time one can have a fully assembled Stamina X Air Rowing Machine. The manual provides proper instructions so there is less scope of confusion.

Maintenance: Every machine requires maintenance, so does Stamina X Rowing Machine. However, maintaining Stamina X is not a hectic task. It requires minimal maintenance. 

The only thing one has to take care about is to keep the rails track free of dirt otherwise it might damage the rail or the rollers.


PROs and CONs of any product are something that plays a major role in decision making yet many Stamina Rower Reviews miss this part. However, we do realize its importance hence in this Stamina Rower Review we will share the pros and cons we confronted.


  • Price: Let us all agree, price plays a major role in deciding whether one should buy a product or not, hence in our Stamina Rowing Machine Review we need to talk about its pricing too. Well, the pricing of the Stamina X Air Rowing Machine can be counted on its positive side since this rowing machine is quite affordable yet comes with features that are generally found in high-end models.
  • Resistance: Since the resistance depends upon the intensity of rowing, it offers a more challenging workout since there is no limit to its resistance. You do not have to manually preset the resistance because it automatically sets the air resistance according to the users’ workout intensity, the resistance is provided by the huge fans that are installed in it. Thus, this rowing machine can provide a good workout.
  • You do not have to manually preset the resistance because it automatically sets the air resistance according to the users’ workout intensity, the resistance is provided by the huge fans that are installed in it. Thus, this rowing machine can provide a good workout.
  • Quality: Stamina x air rower is a high built quality rowing machine. It has a steel frame that is quite sturdy and strong which means you do not have to worry when it comes to its quality. So you do not have to compromise the quality for the price for Stamina X Air Rowing Machine. Stamina X has given equal importance to both the requirements.
  • Space saver: Another addition to the positive side of this rowing machine is its space-saver design. This rowing machine can be held in an upright manner which allows you to save the space it would have accommodated otherwise. Since it can be held in an upright position it can be stored very easily.
  • Ergonomic Design: Stamina X Air Rowing Machine has an ergonomic design. Stamina has taken care of the comfort of its users. The seat is upholstered seat that slides on a track and is well padded for a better and more comfortable rowing experience. Even the footrest of this rowing machine has pivoting design and are quite large to ensure it fits every foot size. The footrest comes with foot straps to secure feet; these foot straps are adjustable too.


  • Noisy: One negative thing we just can’t ignore about Stamina X Air Rowing Machine is its disturbing noise. Stamina X fans are too loud which causes inconvenience to the user. The fan is louder than many other rowing machines that are available in the market at around the same price range. So, one can’t watch anything for his or her entertainment while rowing on this machine because of the disturbance that is caused by its noise which is a major drawback of this Stamina X Air Rowing Machine.
  • Warranty: The warranty period that this rowing machine offers is not the best and no one can deny that. The major disappointment is the warranty period for its parts that is only 90 days; the frame comes with 3 years warranty which is still fine but not the best.
  • Maximum user weight: The maximum user weight capacity of Stamina X Air Rowing Machine is not satisfactory. The maximum user weight capacity that it offers is 250 lbs only which when converted into kgs is 113.398. This weight capacity is certainly not enough and many other rowing machines offer maximum weight capacity which is a lot more than just 250 lbs. So, for those who do not fall under 250 lbs. it is not the one to go for.
  • Heart rate monitoring: Finally, here is the bad news for all fitness enthusiasts out there. Stamina X Air Rowing Machine does not offer heart rate monitoring. So, for those who like to keep track of their heart rate while working out, this can be a deal-breaker.
  • Low-quality chain: Even though the overall quality of this Stamina X Air Rowing Machine is quite impressive the quality of the chain is not the best. One issue that people generally face with its chain is that it falls off. This restricts the movement too because if you pull it too hard you might face the above-mentioned problem.

By this PROs and CONs section, one thing is quite clear that Stamina X has more positives to offer than negatives and there isn’t something extremely disappointing about this rowing machine however the preference might change according to the requirements so it is quite important to acknowledge all the pros and cons of the machine. 


It is time for the conclusion of this Stamina X Air Rower Review and one thing we can bet upon by this Stamina Rowing Machine Review is that this machine is a great value for money. Stamina has made sure to offer every possible thing to its customers that could fit under this price range.

Even though it might have some problems but its astonishing price overpowers all its flaws. Do not get me wrong, stamina X do have few issues that might be a deal-breaker for some but for most of us those small drawbacks are almost negligible and stand nowhere in front of the perks that this rowing machine serves us with.

Stamina X is specially designed for home use so one should not expect a high-grade commercial gym quality but for home use purpose this rowing machine can do wonders.

At a price like this, it offers several features that sometimes even the high budget rowing machines miss out and that is the reason why we are digging this rowing machine.

Even the quality of Stamina X is undeniably good and can’t be doubted. Stamina is one of the most prominent brands that produce a rowing machine so we can rely on this rowing machine blindfolded. Stamina X has an ergonomic design which means it takes care of its users’ comfort.

So, with this rowing machine, all the basic requirements like cardio training and full-body workout for weight loss can be achieved however it is not for intense users or commercial gym purposes.

With this Stamina X Rower Review, one thing is clear; this machine is a great value for the money one is going to spend on it. This machine will not raid the bank accounts but will serve with everything one might need.

Finally, what we can conclude with this Stamina X Rower Review is that this machine is worth the price it is asking for, however for professionals and hard-core trainers who are willing to pay more for better features and functions, this machine might not be enough. And if you want to read Stamina Rowing Machine Reviews, you can read that from here.

  • What is the weight limit of Stamina X Rower?

    The maximum user weight limit of the of Stamina X Rower is 250 lbs (113 kg)

  • What is the guarantee of this product?

    The Stamina X Rower comes with 3 years of warranty on frame and 90 days on parts.

  • What are its dimensions when folded?

    After folding the Stamina X rower it becomes 57.5″ x 17″ x 35″ (L x W x H), all are in inches.

  • Does the chain need to be oiled?

    Yes, you have to lube the chain of the Stamina X Rower regularly for good performance and long life of chain.

  • Does this have a metal chain or a nylon strap?

    The Stamina X Rower comes with a chain, that you can lube and it provides the machine a long life.

  • Does this rower have adjustable chain resistance?

    The Stamina X Rower comes with air resistance, you don’t need a resistance here, you can row faster if you need more resistance.

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