Supreme Toning Tower for Pilates, You’ve Heard Of It. But Should You Use It?

Supreme Toning Tower for Pilates, this is one of the great machines that can help the ladies to tone up their body without going to any gym, but how useful it is? We will see how Supreme Toning Tower can help you in getting into shape in our Supreme Toning Tower Review.

It is very important to stay healthy and fit because it helps the human body to live long and to do all kinds of work in our daily life.

There are so many ways by which you can stay fit and healthy like you eating healthy, take a good sleep, reduce stress, start doing meditations, do exercise regularly.

But there are some people who don’t have much time to go to the gym or do any kind of exercise. And to solve this problem there are so many kinds of exercise machines that can help you in staying fit and be in shape.

And from these kinds of machines, you can do so many types of exercises so that you don’t get bored with one type of exercise. Supreme Toning Tower is one of those machines that can help you to get in shape and to stay healthy and fit.

Supreme Toning Tower for Pilates

Supreme Toning Tower for Pilates
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Supreme Toning Tower can help you in many ways not just only for Pilates, it can also help you in Barre, it is another form of exercise that is widely used by ladies to stay in shape.

But before starting the review we need to understand the Pilates, what is Pilates and How it helps you to stay fit and healthy.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is first developed in the early 20th century, and it is founded by a German Physical Trainer name as Joseph Pilates, and after the name of the founder, this exercise got its name.

This exercise is so famous in many countries and around eleven million people do this exercise. But this exercise is majorly popular in Western Countries.

Pilates can help you in improving the balance of the body, and improving the blood flow, and building up the muscle tissues.

You can read more about this from its Wikipedia Page.

Supreme Toning Tower Reviews

As we told you in the above section that the Supreme Toning Tower can help you in Pilates and Barre as well. It has benefits of both types of exercises.

Supreme Toning Tower w/ Pilates + Barre is a great way to reduce the extra body weight, increase the body strength, and flexibility of the body.

Supreme Toning Tower is a multipurpose exercising machine and it doesn’t take so much of space. You can fold this machine and place it below your bed when your exercising is done.

Supreme Toning Tower is manufactured by the Beverly Hills Fitness. Supreme Toning Tower is made of high-quality steel frame, that makes it light in weight but strong enough so you can do all kinds of exercise without breaking it.

It comes with all the parts, all you need is to join or assemble all the parts and then you can start exercising with it. And the price of Supreme Toning Tower is also quite low then other machines like this available in the market.

It can help you in losing all the extra and useless body fat if you do the exercise with this machine for 45 or 30 minutes.

And if you are searching for the dimensions of the Supreme Toning Tower Machine, then here are the details:

48″x 25″x41″ (L,W,H): This is the dimensions of the Supreme Toning Tower when it is fully assembled and when you will fold Supreme Toning Tower then the height reduced to the 4 inches. 

Then the dimensions of the Supreme Toning Tower is 48″x 25″x4″ (L,W,H). And the complete weight of the Supreme Toning Tower is 35 pounds or 15.87kg. 

With the Supreme Toning Tower, you can do around a hundred types of different exercises which can help you to stay physically fit and healthy.

Features of Supreme Toning Tower

Supreme Toning Tower for Pilates
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  • It comes with Toning Tower which is made up of wood that can help you do all kinds of Barre exercises, and the whole body is made up of Steel Frame which makes it lightweight and provides strength.
  • It also comes with two springs or resistance coils that make the exercises a little bit difficult and challenging which will increase the strength and endurance of muscles. And with these resistance coils, two hand straps are also attached and the length of the coils is two feet.
  • It also comes with a Sculpting Bar, that you can attach to the resistance coils to do the upper body exercises. There are so many upper body exercises that will reduce the fat from your arms and tone your upper body.
  • There is another Swing-through Bar that comes with the Supreme Toning Tower, it will help you in doing the abs or abdominal exercises.
  • And it also comes with a Yoga Mat as well, in which you can do some yoga or meditations.
  • It also comes with DVDs in which you will get all kinds of guidance videos, that can help you know how to do different exercises with Supreme Toning Tower. And it also teaches you Pilates and Barre exercises.

These are some of the things which come with the Supreme Toning Tower, but you can still watch some Supreme Toning Tower Workouts Youtube videos. There are so many videos available about the different kinds of exercises that you can do with this machine.

But there are some hidden benefits of Supreme Toning Tower like it saves a lot of the money that you spent on costly gym fees and other classes for Pilates and Barre.

There are so many Supreme Toning Tower Reviews, but no one tells you all about the Supreme Toning Tower. How to use it and where to finds its replacement parts, we will gonna solve all your problems from our one post of Supreme Toning Tower for Pilates.



  • Can do 100+ exercises
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Great Pricing and Reviews
  • Improve Endurance and body posture
  • Reduces the body fat


  • None

Supreme Toning Tower Assembly

The process of assembling the Supreme Toning Tower is very easy, so here are some steps that you need to perform to do the Supreme Toning Tower Assembly.

  • Unwrap all the things and let them lie on a plane surface.
Supreme Toning Tower Assembly
  • And then after doing the unwrapping, remove the lock pins from the side of the Supreme Toning Tower and straight up the Tower as you can see on the below image.
Supreme Toning Tower Assembly
  • Now let’s go to the backside of the tower and there you will see a black color know at the bottom, screw the knob and lock the tower to the upright position.
Supreme Toning Tower for Pilates
  • Then replace the lock pins into the tower for more safety.
Supreme Toning Tower for Pilates
  • Then pick up the resistance coils and then place the lock hooks to the tower and attach the hand straps to the one end of the coil and then attach the coil to the hooks of the tower.
Supreme Toning Tower for Pilates
  • Then your Supreme Toning Tower Assembly is now completed, you can watch some Supreme Toning Tower Workouts Youtube videos and start exercising.
Supreme Toning Tower for Pilates

Supreme Toning Tower Workouts Youtube

You can watch some of the videos available on Youtube that can help you know more exercises that you can do with the Supreme Toning Tower. There are more than 100 exercises that you can perform with the Supreme Toning Tower.

There are some videos that we can provide you in the form of Playlists that you can watch.


Here our post of Supreme Toning Tower for Pilates ends, you can use it for other exercises. If you ask us How is it and you are still confused to buy this. Here are some more things that you need to know. Supreme Toning Tower is an amazing machine that can improve your body posture and you can do so many exercises with this machine.

You can watch so many videos available on YouTube to know all types of exercises, and it is so compact that you can store it in any place. And there are some sites who sold the Supreme Pilates replacement parts, you can visit them from these links. Site I

If you do exercise with this machine for just half an hour you will definitely see the results. And in their official Amazon selling page, it got 4.3 stars out of 5 with 188 reviews, that you can read from this link.

And Supreme also made another machine similar to like this, you can check that out as well by the below link.

And if you are searching for Barre Workout Equipment, you can also consider this machine also.

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