Teeter Freestep Reviews: What is this MACHINE is all about?

Looking for Teeter Freestep Reviews? We have made a detailed Teeter Freestep Review and explained everything about this machine, read along to the end to know if this machine worth buying or not.

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical is a two in one machine, that one can use for a smooth and low-impact workout. This is perfect for those who cannot able to train on traditional exercise machines, as it can help you train your whole body.

If you are among the super busy people who hardly get time for their health, then here is a reality check for you. All of us need to understand the importance of exercise. The daily exercise will keep you calm and composed the entire day, boosts up your confidence and also strengthens your immunity system.

There are uncountable benefits of exercises like weight control, bones & muscle strength, brain health, sleep duration improvement, and increase your chance of living longer and healthier.

Today’s life is pretty stressful and fast-paced. Everyone is busy running a race called life and no one has time for their health. We need to keep this machine-like body fit and sound.

There are several ways to do that, you can either opt for walking, jogging, or instead join a gym for a complete body pampering. Among other amazing gym machines that provide us with specific, in this article we are going to discuss her in our Teeter Freestep Review article.

Teeter Freestep Reviews

Teeter Freestep recumbent cross trainer is a kind of recumbent bike that helps us burn calories, train & strengthen our body and heart. Whenever we think of exercise bikes, two think pops up in our minds – recumbent and upright. 

Teeter Freestep Cross Trainer and Elliptical Trainer is fitness equipment based on recumbent bikes that helps you get the entire body exercise with ease and comfort. In this article, we are going to learn about this gym machine in detail and let you know about its specs, features, and much more.

Difference between Recumbent and Upright bikes

Difference between Recumbent and Upright bikes
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Recumbent bikes are designed in such a way that they consist of larger seats, pedals positioned at the upfront side of the body, and gives our body a reclined position.

Such bikes are comfortable and help eliminate muscle soreness. Seats are much more comfortable than the other bikes and give a natural body frame to a rider.

On the other hand, upright bikes are designed in such a way where the pedals are exactly under the body, seats are smaller in size and it gives a more upright position to the rider’s body frame. Riding such bikes may cause some muscle soreness and fatigue due to the seat design.

Difference between Cross Trainer & Elliptical Trainer

Teeter Freestep Reviews
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As previously discussed Teeter Freestep is a combo of Cross Trainer & Elliptical Trainer. Let us understand the basic difference between the Cross Trainer and Elliptical Trainer.

Cross or X Trainer is a term used for the exercise machines that allow both the upper and lower body to move while exercising due to their architecture. While on the other hand, the elliptical trainers consist of static armbars that eventually allows only the lower body to move. 

Cross Trainer is based on complete body exercise while Elliptical Trainers only focus on lower body fitness. Cross Trainer is easier to use as compared to Elliptical Trainer. Elliptical Trainer is usually preferable for old age people as compared to Cross Trainer. 

If you are looking for the best recumbent for your cardio then Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross Trainer is among the best options to choose from.

In this article further, we are going to dig deeper and get to know about this gym machine in detail. The possible reasons for Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross Trainer being among the best are given as under:

  1. It is a budget-friendly recumbent bike.
  2. The seats are much more comfortable and provide a natural posture to the rider.
  3. This machine is compact and economical.
  4. It is ideal for safe, low-impact workout environment.
  5. It provides the combined benefits of Cross Trainer and Elliptical Trainer (the difference between the two is mentioned earlier).
  6. The rider’s back is well-positioned and supported
  7. Arms are also involved due to handles while working out on it.
  8. Comfortable to use.
  9. It provides effective and safe cardiovascular exercises.
  10. It never causes muscle soreness or fatigue.


Here are some specs and dimensions of the Teeter Freestep Cross Trainer and Elliptical Trainer:

Dimensions54″ x 52.5″ x 38″
Product Weight110.9 lbs
Max. Weight Capacity300 lb. (136 kg)
Warranty1 year and 90-days for all movable parts

Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross Trainer is a product of Teeter company which was established by an engineer Roger Teeter back in 1980 who first launched inversion tables designed to improve spine health. He is known for his inversion therapy for treating people with back pain problems and for a solution to improve the lifestyle. 

The timeline of the Teeter company & its products

  • 1980: The first launched table launched for the treatment of back pain problems and lifestyle maintenance at the ski event. 
  • 1981: A company named “Sky’s The Limit” established by Roger Teeter and Jenny Teeter for the development of inversion products.
  • 1982: The very first product of the company, Over Easy Inversion Table designed and distributed.
  • 1986: Sky’s The Limit company became STL International Inc.
  • 1989: The company expanded as a facility in Tacoma, WA
  • 1995: The STL company gained elevations and founded inversion international ltd.
  • 1997: Roger Teeter, founder of the company first appeared on a TV show Home shopping network.
  • 1999: The company’s products started used by U.S. Army Physical Fitness School. 
  • 2000: The STL company first launched its motorized inversion table
  • 2003: Another product, forward- rotating inversion unit, The Dex was launched by STL company. 
  • 2006: The STL becomes the longest-running fitness product on the Home Shopping Network
  • 2007: Many studies related to back pains were conducted using Teeter products. 
  • 2008 A new series of products called E-P series with updated features were launched by the company. “Flex technology” was also invented.
  • 2010: New design of Contour Series launched for traditional models.
  • 2011: Teeter celebrated its 30 successful years as an Inversion market leader.

Teeter Freestep recumbent cross trainer is a recumbent bike that is mostly preferred by the people seeking compact home friendly fitness machine.

 Nowadays lots of commercial gyms possess this gym machine due to its popularity. It works quite like pedalling a bicycle but instead of circular motion it moves your legs in a linear motion back and forth. 

Along with the lower body in motion, your upper body will also be in motion due to movable arms bars, which in turn will make your entire body in motion for extra benefits.

This gym machine is used also used by rehab and therapy clinics due to the natural cardiovascular exercises it gives along with the benefits of strengthening the muscles.

If you are looking for recumbent bikes and considering Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical Trainer, you should go through its pros and cons and Teeter Freestep reviews in detail before making a final decision.



  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable seats
  • Easy to shift
  • Easy to handle
  • People suffering from arthritis or joint pain problem can also use it
  • Noise-free and resistance-free
  • Easy-to-use arm handles
  • Easy-to-use arm handles
  • Linear pedal motion
  • Compact in size
  • Water-bottle and tablet holder exists


  • Lack of workout programs
  • Warranty isn’t good enough
  • No heart rate monitor available


Here are some specific features of Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical Trainer:

  • Handles of this machine are adjustable and easy-to-handle
  • It consists of a water bottle holder
  • It comes up with comfortable seats.
  • The pedal motion it triggers doesn’t cause muscle soreness.
  • It also comes up with a stand for holding the machine in place.
  • This machine possesses a quiet, magnetic-based resistance system for a noise-free & hassle-free experience.
  • Weight Capacity: It supports a 300 lb weight limit.
  • Assembling this machine is not complex and it is well-explained in the guide associated with it.
  • It comes up with a 90-days warranty for all the moving parts and base.
  • It gives a linear pedal motion instead of the circular one, similar to the stepper.
  • Time, distance, speed tracker.
  • Water-bottle holder
  • Tablet device holder

Adjustable Handles : As per Teeter Freestep reviews, it comes up with adjustable handles that can allow you to work on your triceps, biceps or chest. These handles are beneficial for different types of upper body exercises at one place without compromising ease & comfort.

You can adjust the handles by turning the joining point around as per your requirement. Operating this gym machine is easy and it is user-friendly.

Customizable Magnetic Resistance Knob: The Teeter Freestep Cross Trainer and Elliptical Trainer consist of magnetic resistance with a movable knob that allows you to experience a noise-free, easy-going fitness session.

This variable brake resistance can be changed by the turn of the knob. It has the advantages of no friction, reliability, little to no maintenance cost, and whisper-quiet fitness session.

Battery-powered LCD Console: You are provided with a battery-powered LCD Console to keep track of your time, speed, and distance for the best-in-class tracking.

The measurements are easily understandable and readable for all. This feature is one of the most important highlights of this fitness equipment and must be well included in Teeter Freestep Reviews.

Recline Positions and Height Settings: You can choose among three recline positions that this fitness equipment comes up with.

It also consists of adjustable height settings for maximum comfort and ease while working out on this machine. No matter what is your body frame, height, weight or age, this Teeter Freestep is fit for all.

Even if you are a person dealing with joint pain problems and is scared of exercises, then this fitness equipment is made for you. The level of comfort it provides is incomparable.

Adjustable Seat and Backrest: The comfortable provided with this machine can be adjusted while sitting, which means if you lean back while working out it will also automatically lean back with your position.

The seats are so comfortable that you are not going to get any kind of fatigue or back muscle stress at the end of the fitness session.


It is easy to assemble this gym machine using the product manuals that are provided along with it as a guide. It is not complex to arrange or customize it at all. There are several online tutorials as well that can help you do the Teeter Freestep Recumbent cross trainer Assembly within no time.

Teeter FreeStep Body Weight Limit

This recumbent bike is capable of handling user weight up to 300 pounds. The architecture of this machine is designed in such a way that it gives a complete body workout solution without any stress, load or soreness.

The adjustable handles can be used to isolate your biceps, triceps or upper body definition. 


Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical Trainer is a recumbent bike that can give you a comfortable home-friendly exercise that allows cardiovascular health along with heart and muscle strengthening.

According to the facts discussed earlier, Teeter Freestep reviews turns out to be a good option for a recumbent bike but as per the user reviews, there are some drawbacks associated with it.

It doesn’t come up with a heart rate monitor or other monitoring add-ons. It also doesn’t provide a very good warranty. The budget-friendly machines usually do not come up with good warranties and therefore the same is the case with Teeter Freestep reviews.

But in totality, the merits of Teeter Freestep reviews outweigh the demerits of the same.

We highly recommend this fitness equipment to all those fitness freaks who are seeking the fitness at the comfort of their home due to the Teeter Freestep reviews as explained.

If you want to read the Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical Reviews, you can click on the link provided below.

You can get your Teeter Freestep online from Amazon at the cost of around $700+ or other online portals as well. Teeter Freestep cost varies from portal to portal.

Quick Summary

Imagine being free, free from limitations, free from excuses, free from stress total body exercises can cause. Teeter Freestep recumbent cross trainer review provides a guide to opt for an exercise machine that you would love.

It provides a total body workout that combines cardio with strengthening without any stress or pressure to the back, hips or knees. So you can enjoy an amazing workout session without the pain.

Amazing, isn’t? The Teeter Freestep’s recumbent cross trainer patented stride technology redefined the recumbent exercises.

It elevates your body in such a way that it reduces stress at the back and knees. The stepping motion sets you free from any joint pain, stress or soreness. It is a new exercise experience that anyone can enjoy.

It distributes muscle exertion throughout the body. It also assures total body workout that feels easier by burning more calories for faster results.

Just step in and experience the most effective, comfortable fitness solution yet. The free step includes dual power motion, adjustable handles, push-pull mechanics, for the complete muscle exercise and tone the lower body.

The Teeter Freestep recumbent cross trainer to be a new standard in home fitness exercise equipment and give it a place among the best recumbent bikes. Smooth magnetic resistance technology allows from an easy-go workout to maximize calorie burn.

The cushion seat is ideal for extreme comfort while working out. It has a tablet and a water bottle holder, along with time, distance, speed tracker. So you can keep yourself in the best shape while watching your favorite TV program or reading the newspaper.

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