Testo Boost Elite – Increase your Testosterone Level in 3 Days. Really?

Today we are going over the Testo Boost Elite, which is basically as the name suggests is a testosterone booster. But before we start let’s have a look at the company profile and its products.

So, Testo Boost Elite is a product of Elite Health Nutrition Limited which is a UK based supplement manufacturing company with its registered office 20-22 Wenlock Road London.

The company was founded in 2014 and claims their product line to be 100% natural.
The company describes their mission as – “Elite Health has the sole aim of helping you get the energy and vitality to live your best life.”

On their website. If you want to know more about the company, we have provided you with the link.

Testo Boost Elite Review

The company has a limited number of products listed on their website. All of them with a brief introduction is given below:

Elite Brain™ Nootropic Supplement
Elite brain nootropic supplement is an all-natural mental health supplement that helps in improving mental health, increases immediate focus and energy. Its main ingredients consist of Omega 3, Citrus Aurantium, Guarana, Gingko Leaf Extract, and Bacoba. More on this sometime later.

Elite L-Arginine Tablets 3000mg Max Strength
Elite L-arginine is a pre-workout supplement that has L-arginine as its main ingredient which results in the formation of nitric oxide and the ultimate result is a good pump, vascularity, and improved performance.

This product is really good as it contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients and no preservatives as well. The company also runs a 60-day money-back guarantee scheme in case if someone is not satisfied with the product.

Elite L-Theanine 200mg Capsules
Elite L-Theanine is a supplement that is made to reduce the stress and anxiety among the stressed individuals. It contains L-theanine and caffeine as the main ingredient and is found highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety levels.

L-theanine is an amino acid which is used with caffeine relaxes mind and muscle and improves focus, shows various studies available up on the internet.

The company runs the similar kind of 60-days money back guarantee scheme on this product also in case if a non-satisfied consumer wants his or her money back.

  • Elite Liver Cleanse

Elite Liver Cleanse as its name gives an idea, is an all-natural liver cleanse and body detoxifying supplement.

Its main composition is as follows – L-Arinine AKC, N-Acetly L-Cysteine, L-Tautine, Turmeric Powder, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gingko Leaf Extract, Potassium Phosphate, Diindolylmethane, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin 300 mg, Folic Acid.

Besides these ingredients, it also contains Gelatin capsule, black pepper extract, coconut flour, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride which looks pretty good and natural.

Elite health supplements do not run a 60-days money back or any similar offer on this product as of now. Be sure to check the official website if you are reading this article somewhere in the future.

  • Elite Super Greens (All In One Daily Supergreens Superfood Capsules)

We all know the importance of eating green vegetables every day. But it is not possible for everyone to eat an ample amount of veggies every day.

Elite super greens is a green veggies supplement which provides you with the benefits of veggies you need.

It’s ingredients are – Spinach Leaf Extract, Broccoli Extract, Alfalfa, Spirulina Powder, Chlorella Powder, Wheatgrass Extract, Brown Rice Flour, Blackberry, Lipase, Korean Panax Ginseng, Ginsenosides.

There are supplements available for literally everything in the market today because these supplement manufacturing companies also understand that people are out of time these days and no one wants to sit and take a real solid meal 4 or 5 or 6 times a day.

However, we prefer you take as many nutrients as possible from solid meal instead of jumping on to supplementation for everything because a solid meal is a much more superior than any supplement will ever be. The company runs 60-days money-back guarantee for the unsatisfied consumers.

  • Elite Testo™

Elite Testo is the testosterone boosting product of elite health supplements and is also the product for today’s review. A testosterone booster is the supplement that increase the levels of testosterone in men either naturally or artificially. More on this product in the article below.

  • Natural Cleanse Pro

Natural Cleanse Pro is a probiotics supplement that helps in cleaning our system by removing unwanted toxins. Probiotics are also rich in good bacteria.

This product includes 11 natural ingredients which are as follows Ginger Root Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Chlorella Powder, Cayenne Powder, Cayenne Powder, Citrus Pectin, Liquorice Root Extract, Liquorice Root Extract, Clove Bud Powder, Fennel Seed Herb Powder, Nettle Extract, Alfalfa Powder, Psyllium Husk Powder.

The company does not run any money-back guarantee offer or any other offer of such kind as of now. But be sure to check the official website if you are reading this article in somewhere future.

  • Raspberry Ketones Plus

Elite Ketones Plus is a weight loss supplement that has raspberry ketones as its main ingredient other than caffeine, green tea extract, acai extract, African mango extract, apple cider vinegar powder, kelp extract, grapefruit seed extract, resveratrol.

Looking at the ingredients list we can surely say this product is 100% natural and has no unwanted side effects. The company claims their product to be high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

There is a list of scientific studies available at the company’s website which shows the ingredients used in the product helps in weight loss.

As of now, there is no money-back guarantee offers available on this product.

  • Thermo Quake Fat Burner

Thermo Quake fat burner is a fat burning supplement of Elite Health Supplements designed for both men and women.

It uses caffeine and green tea extracts as its main ingredients and other ingredients include l-carnitine, l-tyrosine capsicum pepper etc. which all are has proven fat-burning properties.

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Research papers are available on the company website in this matter. The company claims its product increases the metabolism rate, is rich in vitamins and minerals, and is gluten-free.

Looking at the ingredient formula we can say this product does a very good job at what it claims, that is fat loss goal. Check the official website for any ongoing offers, as of now there are none.

We have explained working of fat burners in our another review article. Be sure to check that one as well.

Okay, enough for the company profile. Now let’s dive into the product for today’s review which is – Testo Boost Elite.

Testo Boost Elite is as the name suggests is a natural testosterone boosting supplement made by UK based Elite Health Supplements.

The company claims that the ingredient formula used in Testo Boost Elite boosts the testosterone levels in men naturally.

More on that coming in a little while. The company also claims that their product (Testo Boost Elite) increases muscle mass, increases energy, improves recovery, enhance libido, improves mood, quality of workout and raise cognitive ability which is basically the byproducts of increased testosterone levels in men.

We’ll look into the claims of the Testo Boost Elite in a little time, by going through the ingredients used in the product. The company also claims that Testo Boost Elite testosterone booster increases testosterone levels in men in just 3 days.

However, we got no way to check that claim without a scientific study on men using Testo Boost Elite.

We also believe that the company should provide the consumers with a study that shows Testo Boost Elite increases the testosterone levels in just 3 days.

It is important to keep your expectations on the ground while using any supplement, be it Testo Boost Elite or any other. We will also go through the Testo Boost reviews to find if this product really does what is claims to be. We will also check into the Test Boost Elite side effects.

There are three things that we need to consider before we dive into our Testo Boost Elite Review.

First, we will check and collect all the information about each ingredient with proper scientific research that helped us observed whether that ingredient is actually proven to boost testosterone in human research or not.

Second thing is that Fit Territory is not affiliated with Elite Health Supplements UK, so whether you decide to buy or not does make a financial difference to us.

And the third and the last thing is that if you are considering Testo Boost Elite or any other supplementation for boosting your testosterone levels, go on, go ahead do that but do make your diet and lifestyle changes a priority.

Because without a healthy diet and lifestyle, no additional supplementation can do magic to you. If you can’t do that do not expect to see any changes. This I have also said in another product’s review (Blue Star Status Testosterone Booster).

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Be sure to check our review on Blue Star Nutraceuticals products. Being that said, let’s quickly dive into the ingredient formula used in Testo Boost Elite.

We know testosterone is the main male hormone and is responsible for increasing strength, muscle gain, libido stamina and many more.

Testo Boost Elite Ingredients

Ingredient formula for Testo Boost Elite or Testo boost pills.

  • L- Arginine (200 mg)
  • L-Arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate (200 mg)
  • Citruline Malate (100 mg)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (25 mg)
  • L-Norvaline (10 mg)
  • Niacin (10 mg)

Now let’s know about each ingredient more.

  • L-Arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid which is used to make proteins. In our body, L-arginine breaks into nitric oxide gas, which relaxes the blood vessels and helps blood to flow at a faster rate.

As the blood vessels relax and nitric oxide gas flows through them it expands the blood vessels which results in increased blood flow. L- arginine is widely and generally used in pre-workout supplements, but it has no use in testosterone boosting supplements like test boost elite and max nitric oxide.

The only way L–arginine is helpful in any testosterone booster (test boost elite) is that it helps blood to carry more nutrients to the muscles as it expands the volume of the blood vessels.

And as we know more nutrients to the muscles means, faster recovery and more muscle gain. Provided that you consume the right amount of nutrients in your diet. You can read its health benefits from here.

  • L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate

L- Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate or also known as AAKG commonly in medical terms is another form of L-Arginine amino acid and is responsible for the formation of glutamine in the body.

Arginine is obtained from external sources like soy, meat, fish, and nuts and is also made inside the body by the process of protein breakdown, renal synthesis and is also formed in the liver by the urea cycle.

And we didn’t find any reasons to add the same ingredient in 2 different forms in the test boost elite. However, l-arginine is useful in any test boost elite or in any test boost pills for that matter.

  • Citrulline Malate

Citrulline malate is also another kind of naturally occurring amino acid in the body. It can also be found in some of the fruits like watermelon. – citrulline is recommended by doctors to cure various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease, sickle cell disease and various heart diseases.

It is also widely used in bodybuilding for increasing energy and athletic performance. L-Citrulline breaks down in amino acids like L-arginine in our body.

It can break down in the form of nitric oxide which further helps in opening up of blood vessels which results in better and more transportation of nutrients to the muscles via blood vessels.

And it takes no rocket science to understand that citrulline malate does the same work as L-arginine and addition of this ingredient in this product makes no useful sense and the work about to be done by the ingredient is already achievable by using l-arginine, which is present in ample amount in test boost elite.

Citrulline malate will break down into L-arginine and then into nitric oxide and there is no use of adding this as the simpler form (that is l-arginine) of citrulline malate is already present in the test boost elite.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

In a study done by the National Institute of Health on 40 subjects for 3 months, it was found that alpha lipoic acid helps in losing weight.

However, there were no results observed in the testosterone levels of the subjects and it was found that it does not directly affect the testosterone levels of subjects.

So, it is hard to comment on the capabilities of alpha-lipoic acid when it comes to increasing testosterone levels.

  • L-Histidine

It is another kind of conditionally essential amino acid and amino acids as we know are the building blocks of the protein in our bodies. L-Histidine is also used as medicine and recommended by doctors in diseases like kidney failure and kidney dialysis.

Beyond that, it is also used for allergic diseases, anemia, and ulcers. The deficiency of l-histidine in diet results in reduced levels of carnosine and what is carnosine.

Well to keep it simple and easy to understand Carnosine is found in muscles and is a protein building block that occurs naturally in our body.

And carnosine is used for exercising performance as it improves muscle strength. Besides that, it is used for eye disorders, aging effect, nerve damage kidney problems and many more and can be found in the heart, brain and many other body parts of the body.

However, there is no study available on the internet to prove that L-histidine improves or helps in improving testosterone levels in men and the use of this ingredient in test boost elite is beyond our levels of enlightenment.

  • L-Norvaline

L-norvaline is another amino acid used in this product and is generally used in pre-workout and intra workout supplements because it provides the athlete with that everlasting pump and the key here is nitric oxide.

How L-norvaline works and gives you that pump is the thing to understand. When our body makes nitric oxide by using L-arginine it also produces an enzyme called arginase.

What arginase does is that it limits the production of nitric oxide in the body to a certain level, but L-norvaline hinders in the production of arginase and hence the production of nitric oxide does not stop where it should have been.

This is how L-norvaline gives such a great pump and a great pump as we know is good for muscles because better the pump better the blood flow and more the blood flow, more the nutrients provided to the muscles.

But it has absolutely no role in increasing someone’s testosterone levels. And we here at fit territory don’t understand why these people at elite health supplements are so obsessed with nitric oxide that instead of using an effective and real testosterone boosting ingredient like zinc, magnesium, vitamin d3, vitamin b6, Tribulus Terrestris, etc.., their main focus is to increase the nitric oxide levels in our body by any means possible.

L-norvaline is used in pre-workouts and intra workouts by major brands across the globe, but no reputed brand bullshit their customers by selling nitric oxide producing ingredients under the label of testosterone boosting supplement.

The use of L-norvaline in test boost elite does not help in improving testosterone levels in any male.

  • Niacin

Niacin or also known as nicotinic acid is a chemical compound and is a form of vitamin B3. Niacin is the only ingredient in test boost elite which helps in improving testosterone levels.

Niacin is also effective in cholesterol treatment and decreases cardiovascular risks. Now let’s talk about the importance of vitamin B3.

Vitamin B3 is important to replenish the everyday testosterone levels in men. Other than that vitamin B3 stimulates growth hormone.

For those of our reader who don’t know, testosterone is made from cholesterol and vitamin B3 so it is pretty clear that there is a relation between vitamin B3 and testosterone level.

It is also very important to know that alone vitamin B3 is not that effective. Vitamin B3, B6, and B12 are responsible for increased testosterone production in men.

And one should supplement with B-complex tablets because most of the vitamin B complex is water-soluble, that means if taken more than daily limit does or what body needs, dissolves with water and gets flushed out of our system.

They are not stored in our body for future use hence one should take b complex tablets daily.

So, there you have it all. A look at the Testo Boost Elite ingredient formula because at the end of the day a testosterone booster is only as potent as its ingredients and overall the ingredient that stands out in test boost elite is

Niacin is a proven testosterone booster in men but keeps in mind that supplements can only be effective to the extent that you combine it with diet and lifestyle changes.



  • No side effects
  • 60-days money-back guarantee


  • A pre-workout instead of a testosterone booster
  • Poor and no actual testosterone increasing ingredients used
  • Increases nitric oxide instead of increasing testosterone level
  • No natural ingredients used as the company claims


If we go as per the servings on the label it recommends two servings a day of one capsule each. Once in the morning and once before bed.

Other actual tests boosting products recommend 3 to 4 servings in a day.

And because of no real ingredient used to boost your testosterone other than vitamin B3 we recommend you take at least 3 servings of one capsule each in a day.

Where to buy?

Now that you have decided to buy Elite Testo Boost at any cost even after reading our review on that, we will provide the options to from where to buy elite Testo boost or any other products of elite health supplements. Here you go.

You can buy Testo Boost Elite from this the below button, this will redirect you to the UK’s Amazon Site, from where you can order this.

Test boost elite or elite testo boost is a testosterone boosting product of Elite Health Supplements which claims to boost your testosterone levels in just 3 days but given its ingredient formula and other factors, it can be clearly seen that only one ingredient in its ingredient composition helps in improving testosterone levels while rest of the ingredients just focus on increasing nitric oxide and decreasing glucose levels in the body.

After looking at the composition of the product it could be said that the elite testo boost does not does what it claims to be. And its composition is more of a pre-workout than a testosterone booster.

But in its Amazon sales page, we see 3.8 stars out of 5 stars that mean people who are using it are satisfied by Testo Boost Elite testosterone booster.

If you are looking for a genuine testosterone booster, we do not recommend taking it and hence we are not a biased website or write paid article we will not provide you with any name of any product in replacement of this product.

However, if you are looking for a pre-workout you can consider taking this. But before you purchase or consume anything we recommend you do your due diligence because your money might return but your health won’t, so be a smart consumer and be careful before you put anything in your body.

Do proper research and go through consumer reviews.
Be sure to check our other reviews and tell us in the comments section below on which particular product you want us to write a review on for you guys.

You can purchase this from Amazon’s page of UK and the link to purchase is below.

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