Total Gym Fit vs XLS: An Essential Guide to make an informed purchasing decision

In this 21st century with the advancement in gym equipment and strength training solutions, we now have the advantage to work out with a virtual trainer in the comfort of our living room.

Adding convenience to your regular workout routine Total Gym launched these two sleek and stunning products, namely Total gym Fit and XLS.

Managing different functions in a balanced manner, their product line always provides versatility in function and design. In this Total gym Fit vs XLS model comparison, let’s understand the advancements and upgrades in the new model and if it is worth thousands of dollars that you suppose to invest.

Total Gym Fit vs XLS

Total Gym is a fitness brand that is renowned for its reputation and trustworthy product line. Their durable products are easy to move with their lightweight design and take up little storage space due to their foldability.

Keeping you motivated and inspired towards a healthy future, this brand ensures to offer you the best of everything.

It strongly believes in making home gym affordable by providing the best-of-all in a compact machine. Providing 80+ Total gym Fit workouts, DVDs and much more, it is as if you have a personal trainer at your house.  

The Total Gym XLS was introduced as a basic version which was later upgraded to Total gym Fit. With the new model entering the market, people were flooded with questions asking how it is different and if it is worth the high price.

In this comparison article of Total gym Fit vs XLS, we will try to answer all your doubts, giving you a clear vision.

With this Total Gym XLS vs Fit comparison; we aim at simplifying information and informing buyers about the features, advantages, and disadvantages that both the products tend to offer.

Noticeably there are a lot of similarities that one witness. These two of the most popular home gym solutions introduced by Total Gym stand out for these following unique characteristics:

  • Ergonomic design and Solid construction: With a lot of high-quality, thick padding offers head support for added comfort while lying down to perform a bench press. Constructed from tubular steel, the double stitching on the covering makes it durable for extended usage.
  • Smooth Gliding motion: This feature makes it smooth on the joints, thus protecting you from accidental injuries and strains.
  • Adjustable height: One can swap through different height levels to accommodate a range of motions. This feature helps the users customize the unit through various Fitness levels.
  • ​Comfort: When it comes to gym units, comfort is an essential factor that one needs to seek. Keeping up with the standards, Total gym ensures its users a safe and enjoyable workout experience. The padded glide board ensures comfortable support to the back.
  • Resistance: The major difference that is noticeable in the Total gym Fit vs XLS comparison is the resistance levels. With adjustable height, you can use various percentages of body weight as resistance. With higher resistance, you can effectively reshape your body and with lower resistance, you can tone it.

Adding up to these essential factors, these are the major differences or rather advancements that you will see in this Total Gym Model comparison. Following is a table that will give you organized and systematic information which will help you compare easily.

Let’s dive in deeper to unfold the critical aspects of Total gym Fit vs XLS comparison, adding a new dimension to your regular workout routine.

  • Additional functionalities, attachments, and tools: After glancing through the Total Gym XLS reviews we can get an idea of the challenges it offered to its users. Taking them into notice, Total Gym came up with an upgraded and more efficient model, the Total Gym Fit.

Providing you with more than 85 exercises and a fast and swift workout, the recent launch focuses on comfort too. The glide-board is padded for cushioned comfort, aiding in a convenient and strain-free exercising.

Adding to it, Fit as opposed to XLS features the Auto-Lock Height Adjustment System. Aiding in smooth transitioning between various exercises, this ergonomically designed piece is worth the efforts.

One of the major advancement remains the addition of the Ab crunch. Absent in the Total Gym XLS attachments, this best-selling and essential ad-on grabbed many votes.

The need to spend $100 to buy it separately with the XLS model was diminished. Widening the scope, one can now also take complete advantage of the squat stand that it offers.

Last but not least, the number of DVDs that you get on the Fit model is six as against the five on the XLS one.

  • Additional resistance levels: The huge difference in the resistance levels that both offers make the advanced model a go-to choice. The Total Gym XLS vs Total gym Fit comparison finds a base with this distinguished variability.

The Fit model comprises of 12 levels to adjust the inclination of the glide-board. Whereas, the XLS provides six to decide the bodyweight percentage that one wants to use.

With the increase in the resistance levels, one can experiment a wider range of exercises and motions for a productive workout session.

  • Reinforced Arms and Frame structure: The XLS model was prone to squeaking leading to disturbance while working out. The primary reason for the same is more flex at the arms area where the cables are attached.

With an improved brace structure in the recent Fit model, you can smoothly and effortlessly adjust the levels up or down, as per your convenience.

  • Improved Wing Attachment design structure: The new version of the Total gym product line features a two-piece design as opposed to the single-piece wing attachment in the XLS model.

Giving you comfort and convenience, this feature is worth mentioning in a Total gym Fit vs XLS comparison article.

  • Maximum user weight and height: As you can see in the table above, the maximum weight capacity that the old XLS model can withstand is 400 lbs. as compared to the Fit model, which is 450 lbs. respectively.

Increasing its sturdiness and durability, Total Gym strikes a tick to the practicality factor of the product.

  • Cost: Cost is one of the important factors that need to be taken into consideration while making a Total gym Fit vs XLS comparison article. Investing your hard-earned money into a machine that is not up to the mark is like a nightmare. To avoid this situation, let’s be vigilant enough before jumping to the final buying decision.

When the new product was launched everyone, even critics were taken by surprise with the cost of Total gym Fit. The doubt that if this high-priced product was worth the value stroke people’s mind.

Critically, the Fit model is a bit expensive due to its added functionalities and attachments. However, spending extra bucks on them is surely justified.

  • Customer Service: With multiple points of contact with Total Gym, you can catch up on their customer service anytime and anywhere.

They ensure you a warranty post-purchase to make sure that you do not face any issues regarding the functionalities in the desired manner.

Total Gym FIT Review

Total Gym Fit vs XLS
CC: TotalGym

Being one of the recent and a modern product in the Total gym lineup equipment, you get all your necessities fulfilled in one package. A buyer will never hesitate or feel guilty of spending more than $2000 on this versatile product.

Fulfilling your needs and giving you the flexibility of working out at your convenience, this multi-functional product comes in a fully-packaged and assembled home gym solution delivered right at your doorstep.

Its sturdy construction ensures you long term usage and one also has a warranty as a backup. With benefits overpowering the number of challenges this product has to offer, one can think about it as a product worthy of your hard-earned money.

total gym fit vs xls



  • Comes fully assembled: Simplifies the installation process and saves you a lot of time and efforts.
  • 12 levels of adjustments to make the workout more challenging as you elevate the board
  • Has twice the resistance level as compared to the XLS model.
  • It features 85+ exercise options for a cardiovascular workout, strength training, stretching and circuit training.
  • Comes with a glide-board and padded backrest for excellent back and joint support.
  • Can accommodate a user weight up to 450 lbs.
  • Comes with 4 attachments namely, Abcrunch, a two-piece wing attachment, a leg pulley accessory, and an upgraded squat stand
  • Warranty on parts instills reliability and trust


  • High-priced as compared to the previous XLS model
  • Does not include the tow bar or the DVDs for pilates

Total Gym XLS Review

total gym xls vs fit
CC: Total Gym

The XLS is the older version in the product line of Total Gym products. This ergonomically designed product comes fully assembled reducing your pain of installation.

The durable steel frame is sturdy, offering you high quality and smooth workout. An extremely reliable investment, it features glided edges and a foldable frame structure.

We have covered the Total Gym XLS Review, in one of our articles, if you want to know more about this exercise machine in detail, you can read that as well.

total gym fit vs xls



  • Comes fully assembled: Simplifies the installation process and saves you a lot of time and efforts.
  • Space-saving design: Folds for easy storage offering you easy accessibility for traveling.
  • Cost-effective: Priced lower as compared to the Total Gym Fit
  • 5 exercise DVDs included aiding as a virtual guide or trainer.
  • Offers 80+ exercising options for a Total workout.


  • Lower Total gym XLS weight limit of 400 lbs. as compared to the Fit model with 450 lbs.
  • Very few ad-on and attachments, i.e. the leg pull attachment, ribbed squat stand, and the wing attachment.
  • It features only 6 resistance levels as opposed to 12 in the Fit model, thus limiting your scope for exercising.
  • There is only a six month of warranty on the parts.
Total Gym Fit vs XLS


A great choice for home exercise gym, these amazing gym solutions are designed to accentuate your body shape and give you a healthy and fit life. Pushing the machine to its limits and trying hard to last through the intense workout, remember to follow these simple tips,

  1. Aim for at least 30min. of physical workout every day to notice visible results
  2. ​Keep the machine in operation and maintain it for extended usage
  3. ​Minimize the time you take for sitting up and taking breaks for efficient physical activity
  4. Remember to drink water at regular intervals to keep you hydrated and for preventing dry throat and loss of breath.

Putting your step forward towards a healthy lifestyle, ensure that you also follow a balanced diet that complements your workout. An improper and junk diet will nullify your efforts, leading to a waste of energy and no immediate health benefits. Also, read Total Gym Fit reviews for getting a clear idea if it fulfills your personal workout needs. 

Taking advantage of this Total gym Fit vs XLS comparison article, both the buyers and the sellers can benefit from it. The buyers can get a crystal clear idea as to what are the benefits and flaws to make a smart buying decision. The sellers can glance through the user feedback and reviews to understand the challenges that they are facing.

The Total gym Fit is an upgraded version for implementing pushing exercises that target different muscle groups like the shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, legs, back, legs and hips.

The leg pulley system serves your thighs, calf muscles, and also the muscles around your hips. Keeping your balance, maintain posture, and not putting a lot of pressure on the knees, the pilates ropes and cuffs add up for comfort and variations in your workout.

Further, the Total Gym XLS is one of the affordable home gym solution, which makes for the reason for its popularity. This compact-sized, lightweight model offers easy portability and accessibility. Ideal for strength training and muscle building, this foldable model is convenient for storage.

It comes inclusive of an exercise wall chart that offers you systematically assorted information, a training deck and a nutritional program with a meal plan. Make most out of this machine to get started right away.

If you are a beginner, the XLS model can be an ideal choice. You can start with a baby step that requires a small investment and optimal efficiency.

However, if you are on a high budget and believe in one-time, smart investment, the Fit model surely tops the list. Keeping this in mind, let’s get cracking with your new journey towards a healthy future.

  • How much does a total gym fit cost?

    The cost of the Total Gym Fit varies from the attachements buy with, mainly it costs around $900 – $1400. 

  • Which Total Gym is the best?

    There are many models of Total Gym, but the best among them are Total Gym Fit, Total Gym XLS, Total Gym Supreme, Total Gym GTS.

  • What comes with Total Gym XLS?

    Total Gym XLS comes with a lot of attachements like training DVDs, posters, and basic things like Leg Bands, metal wires, head support etc.

  • Does the Total Gym build muscle?

    Yes, they do, but for that you have to maintain a good protein rich diet.

  • What is the difference between Total Gym XLS and fit?

    There are thee major differences between the Total Gym XLS vs Fit is that the XLS model comes with three addons and Fit comes with only four addons, and you can do more exercises with the Fit model as compared to the XLS. The XLS model is more affordable then the Fit model.

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