Treadmill vs Elliptical: Which is BETTER and WHY?

These two machines are the most famous and most used machines when it comes to losing weight in an Indoor workout routine. And today we are going to compare them and see which one is best among the two in our treadmill vs elliptical comparison.

These two machines are where an individual would run or walk and depending on the intensity of their workout, an individual determines their loss in calorie. This will help them in boosting their cardio workout as well as know their fitness and strength. 

These two machines although fall under the same category of cardio but are two different forms of workouts. Treadmills allow an individual to run or walk on a belt which keeps on moving at a speed set by the individual whereas an Elliptical allows the individual to put their feet on a platform where an individual moves their feet in a circular motion. 

These machines though fall in the same category of fitness but have a few basic differences which should be known to people indulging in buying these machines. 

Treadmill vs Elliptical

The better machine that an individual should purchase amongst the two completely depends on the type of workout, physical health, and several other factors. 

Both these tools are well decent tools that help in improving the aerobic fitness of an individual. They help in improving the heart and lungs of an individual. Having these machines inside the house is very important for people who work out regularly cardio based. 

This is because they would like to not go out during winter which gets hard or even during times now during a Global Pandemic. Everything is shut now and people who are interested in fitness would require a machine. 

They would definitely wish to have these tools and hence investing in them would never be a disadvantage. These tools come up with their own pros and cons as well which will be explained in the article here below.  You can also read detailed research between the elliptical vs treadmill comparison.


This is a machine that enables people to walk or run on a moving conveyor belt. Most of the treadmills have features where an individual is able to control the features such as its inclination, speed, tracking the distance, or even the level of the program they choose. 

treadmill vs elliptical

This targets on improving the workout for the lower body. Running, jogging, or even walking will help a lot in this process. 

Sprinting on a treadmill also helps in tightening one’s core. A workout on a treadmill for a long duration of time and especially if it’s an intense workout, one can definitely feel a lot of burn or sweat in their calves, glutes, hamstrings, or even the abs and quads. 

This is an excellent machine for individuals who love to run. 

This will be great therapy for them because at times like this or even when the weather conditions are hard an individual cannot go outside running. Treadmills allow an individual to track their mileage, pace, and goals easily. 

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These are a great tool since an individual can control their pace and speed at their own convenience. The speed of the conveyor belt can be set by the person which will benefit them accordingly. An individual can focus on improving their running on the treadmill. 

They can practice increasing their speed which will in order to help them to have a higher impact on their body. It helps in building the muscles of the legs and feet. This machine is great when a person would want to strengthen their body. It would be a great challenge for the person’s leg endurance. 


  • It helps in strengthening the lower body and the core 
  • This can help to train an individual who wishes to practice their running 
  • A person can improve their speed 
  • This is a great form of HIIT workout and running form 
  • It can be in the form of an incline 
  • This is a great weight loss technique 

Problems of the machine

This can be a problematic machine for individuals facing some problems with their ankle, knee, or hip injury. It will end up putting stress on those particular joints of the body and these high impact workouts will lead to a disaster for those people. 

Rather they can go for low impact workouts for weight loss such as biking, swimming, or the Elliptical which is mentioned below in a much detailed structure. It although helps in improving both upper and lower body but it only focuses on a few of the muscles in the body. 

One should be careful about choosing the right kind of shoes for the treadmill while they are running. The wrong shoes can cause disaster pain in the joints of the individuals. 

Cons of the machine: 

  • It is not a suggested method of workout for individuals who are recovering from a joint injury 
  • It is not the most suitable replacement for running workouts

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elliptical vs treadmill
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This is a stationary machine where an individual rests their two feet on the paddle and there are two pole handles where the individual places their hands on to get a grip. The movement of this machine is rather a unique one. 

When the individual starts pulling the handles to and fro, their legs start moving a circular direction. The legs move backward and forward because of the machine. One can increase the resistance which forces on making the muscles better. 

It targets the hamstring, quads, glutes, and lower parts of the body. It works for both the upper and lower part of the body if an individual pulls and pushes the handles as well while working the legs in a circular motion. 

This process engages in the upper part of the body and it provides a full workout for the full body than a treadmill. It is a great workout for the core. This machine is extremely beneficial for people with joint aches and who are in search of low impact training. 

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This machine may not affect the losing of the weight of an individual as much as the treadmill accounts for. Several individuals use this machine as a break when they are tired of doing high impact cardio workouts. 

This puts a great effect on hamstring and glutes since the elliptical can move backward. It will be a great workout on the glutes if an individual can move backward. It is a great workout on HIIT as well.  You can read about the benefits of ellipticals over treadmills from this article by MayOClinic.


  • It is great for a low impact workout 
  • It targets the upper and lower body 
  • It can move backward as well which helps in focusing the hamstring and glutes 
  • It is a great HIIT workout as well as for interval training 
  • It is a moderately fair plan for weight loss 

Problems of Elliptical: 

This is not a wise option when it comes to functional training. This machine is not an effective machine when it comes to an individual losing weight. Functional workouts include running, throwing, squatting, jumping, etc. 

These movements are effective for the weight loss program. If one wishes to track their mileage, this equipment should not be one’s first preference. Not all of the ellipticals are equipped with the right amount. 

It does not put much stress at the joints which will not lead to a proper strengthening of the leg muscles. We have compared some elliptical machine over here, you can read their reviews as well.

Cons of the machine: 

  • It does not have functional training 
  • There is no proper tracking of mileage 
  • There is no proper strengthening as the treadmill 
  • This cannot be used to train in an inclined way 
  • Which is best for losing belly fat on a treadmill or elliptical?

    A treadmill is a much better option since it has intensive functional movements which is much faster for losing belly fat. They have intensive workouts whereas an elliptical machine has less intense workouts that do or exert much force on the joints and ankles. Treadmill helps in burning massive calories. One of the other factors in keeping the loss of belly fat going on is to eat clean.

  • Do ellipticals help in losing fat?

    Yes, they do help in losing belly fat but it is a much slower process because they are a much less intensive workout. One can burn a lot of calories by choosing the right amount of intense workout as per their wish. The program chosen by the individual and their duration will help in losing the weight for an individual who uses this elliptical machine.

  • Why is the elliptical bad for you?

    The elliptical is bad because different machines have different tracking equipment. They track the mileage differently and it has a different amount of workout in different machines.

  • Is it okay to do elliptical every day?

    No, one would take or need to take a little rest after one day of elliptical every morning. One would need to take breaks in between strengthening workouts. This will help to solve the risk of overtraining.

  • Does elliptical train buttocks?

    Yes, they do help in the training the glutes and the buttocks when the elliptical machines move backward. This backward movement would require a lot of strength which puts an effect on these body parts.

  • How can I make the treadmill more fun?

    There are different ways to make this process of workout more fun such as increase the incline, listening to a podcast, do an interval training, workout with a friend, and watching something on the phone while running.

  • How do you make running less boring?

    Running can be made less boring when a person listens to music, goes running with a friend, or has an application for running fitted on their phone. 

  • How can I make cardio less boring? 

    Cardio can be made less boring if an individual adds some weights while working, listening to music, adding new workouts, challenging the body with new goals. 

  • How do you distract yourself on a treadmill?

    An individual can pump their mood by making a great playlist, mixing the workout with weights, add HIIT, and listening to a fun podcast, and trying Fartleks.

Both these machine’s treadmill and elliptical are very effective tools. These two machines are an effective cardio tool for people who wish to lose fat on their upper and lower bodies. 

The choosing of these tools depends on the kind of training that individual wishes to work on their body. The treadmill vs elliptical article above mentioned is the parameter and the advantages and disadvantages of both these machines which the individual can focus on and hence will affect their purchase. 

Sometimes people usually go to purchase both these machines because it can create a mixture on both these workouts and an individual will not get bored with them. 

But it is also important to know that an individual should not perform the cardio workout every day since overexerting themselves is not a great option. 

Different kinds of workouts such as after a high-impact workout and individuals need to do a low impact workout the next day so that it can rest their muscles and also it would be a great option for them to be entertained at all times. 

This article hopes to clear the confusion of its readers who were facing issues understanding the uses of both these machines. People now who are interested to purchase and were confused between these two machines, this article hopes to clear this difference as well. 

It is advised to buy these machines and keep them indoors because the time that we all are living right now due to the pandemic COVID 19, people usually cannot go out of their house at any time as they wish to. 

Running is an important exercise for people who do Cardio very often and hence now that they cannot go out very often, they can just create their workout routine at home every day and do it easily where everything is readily available to them. 

We hope now you know the answer to your question which is a better treadmill or elliptical, and if you have any suggestions you can comment down below. Now you can easily pick between a treadmill or elliptical.

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