Twist and Shape Review, Worth Buying?

Confused about buying Twist & Shape Abs Trainer? Whether it is worth buying or NOT? We have made a detailed Twist and Shape Review and mentioned all its good and bad, and also mentioned some of its alternatives as well.

Twist and Shape is an exercise machine that rotates the lower and upper body of the user, which improves the flexibility and it burns some calories as well, but as they claim that it will tone up your body parts, which is not so true, you need a lot of things if you want to tone your body, like a good workout routine with weight training along with good nutrition, with a calorie deficit diet. If you are thinking that you can be fit by only using this machine then sorry, you cannot achieve a good body only with this machine.

But this can be a good workout machine for elderly people, or someone who is not comfortable with traditional workout machines. You can read some of the reviews left by the users as well to know how they are using it and how good it is. Workouts are amongst the most dreaded parts of our day. We tend to procrastinate and delay our physical exercise due to how boring and taxing the routine can be.

However, this review discusses a product that is short, quick, and effective, while also being a fun activity at the same time. Modern-day routines often tend to neglect physical exercise due to various lifestyle reasons. The lack of compact gym equipment at home, unwillingness to pay for a gym membership, and time constraints are amongst the primary reasons. The Twist and Shape Abs trainer is designed to help you tackle most of these issues. 

Core exercises are amongst the most important parts of workouts. By training muscles in the abdomen, hips, pelvic region, and lower back, core exercises help improves balance and stability. Often, core exercises require the use of weights to be more effective while working out.

The motion of the Twist and Shape exercise machine provides users with a great solution to this, giving you the opportunity to tone your abs and develop your fitness without putting yourself at the risk of injury. In this article, we shall go into the features and other details of the Twist and Shape Abs trainer, which make it a great choice for those looking to purchase a fitness trainer that offers a unique yet effective workout.

Twist and Shape Review

Twist and Shape Review
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The Twist and Shape Abs trainer is a core exerciser that also gives you a full-body workout. It is a balance board that doubles up as a bodyweight workout aid.

Its main function is to provide stability to the core when rotated during the rotation of the shoulder and hips. 

The muscles benefited by this Abs trainer include the glutes, thighs, abs, arms, and the chest, thanks for the twisting motion enabled by this product. 

The Twist and Shape Abs Trainer is marketed by Star Uno, a veteran in the infomercial industry, with a growing presence in the digital marketing industry.

With over 60 years of experience, the company aims at bringing innovative products into the market to improve the lifestyle of the customer.

We will now take a lot at the various features of this product in detail in our Twist and Shape review. We hope this will give you a detailed insight if this is the quick workout aid you have been looking for.

Before going further let’s see some of the Twist & Shape Abs Trainer specifications.

Dimensions25.79 x 20.08 x 20.08 inches
Weight29.5 Pounds
Max. Weight Capacity330lbs.
Batteries 1 AAA
Height AdjustableUpto 7 inches
Warranty1 year

Body & Build

The Twist and Shape Abs Trainer comes in silver color, with lime green accents on the knobs and the foot pedals. The accents look refreshing and fashionable, unlike a lot of workout equipment that focuses on functionality instead of visual appeal. 

The height of the forward grips is adjustable by upto 7”. This ensures children and adults across all age groups can comfortably use the product without having to strain their back or arms, which could cause injury or ruin posture

 Twist & Shape Abs Trainer review
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The footprint of the device is extremely small, at just around 20×25 inches. This makes for a very compact design that works for the most congested spaces. 

The product also weighs around 30lbs, making it easy to move around the house. Multiple purchases of the Twist and Shape could lead to fun group activity in the office or a family workout at home. 

This provides the group with a great opportunity to bond while making sure they get an effective and engaging workout.

The Twist and Shape Abs Trainer is a very sturdy and stable product, thanks to the impact free rotating motion of the footplates. 

These plates are also provided with non-slip rubber, that is built into the base. The same anti-slip rubber provides a sturdy yet ergonomic handle that the user can hold onto during their workouts. 

The product can accommodate a maximum user weight of 330 pounds. The twisting exercise machine is also provided with an LCD display which provides users with information about calories burned, the time elapsed and the number of repetitions completed. 

Overall, the product is very well made, comfortable for multiple user access, and smooth. As a result, the user is provided with an engaging experience, while helping them achieve their fitness goals.

How to use the Twist and Shape Abs Trainer

Using the Twist and Shape Abs trainer is very simple and intuitive. The footplates are placed on a rotating board which gives a range of motion of 240°, which engages the core in a twisting motion. 

 Twist & Shape Abs Trainer
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Once the user steps on the footplates and grips the handlebars firmly, all they have to do is twist themselves, with the upper body moving in one direction while the lower body moves in the other. 

The twisting motion is not too hard to initiate and can be done while the user is completely flat-footed on the footplate. The area to place the feet on the board is also accented with the lime green color. 

The science behind the product is fairly simple and a user can understand the motion without too much confusion. An added advantage due to the design of the Twist and Shape is that the form of the user while doing the exercise can hardly go wrong. 

It is also provided with a DVD outlining multiple workouts and a 14-day guide, providing guidance to fairly inexperienced users with a weight loss or fitness goal in mind. 

We would advise interested customers going through our Twist & Shape Abs Trainer review to follow the manual or DVD workout for maximum benefit.


Workout equipment must be carefully maintained to ensure the longevity of the product as well as injury-free use. A big advantage of the Twist and Shape Abs trainer is that it has very few moving parts, which makes maintaining the product a hassle-free process. 

Users are advised to clean the handlebars and foot pedals with a dry cloth or towel after every use. 

twist and shape exercise machine
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Sweat, which could reduce the grip on the handlebars and foot pedals and also cause a foul smell, is removed by doing so. Once in a few months, screws must be checked to see if they are screwed tightly into the place. 

This ensures the stable operation of the device. We would recommend lubricating the moving parts and joints of the Twist and Shape at least once a year, which will ensure the smooth operation of the product and prevent future injury. 

The manufacturer also recommends that the product be kept away from direct sunlight as well as environments with high temperature and humidity conditions.


The Twist and Shape Abs trainer comes in a neatly packaged box weighing around 30 pounds. The packaging comes packed with the tools required for the assembly, which emphasizes the care taken by the manufacturer to provide the customer with great service and experience. 

On unpacking, the user must set up the Twist and Shape as it comes partly assembled. The user, without any previous assembling experience or skill, can assemble these parts together without the requirement of professional assistance. 

The setup takes around 45 minutes to complete and involves adjusting the height of the handlebar and tightening of the screws. This product is also provided with a manual which comes in very handy during the process of setting up. 

It clearly outlines the required steps for assembly to avoid any confusion and damage to the product during the self-assembly, thanks to the concise language and precise instructions outlined by the manual. 

The manual also has detailed graphical diagrams to assist the customer with their assembly.


Regarding the support from the manufacturer for this product, marketed by Star Uno; a 1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

Benefits of the Twist and Shape Abs Trainer

The Twist and Shape is an impressive piece of gym equipment. It allows you to work out your abs, arms, chest, glutes, and thighs all at once. 

However, the abs and thighs are the primary benefactors of the workouts. Users can choose their intensity levels by varying the speed of their twists according to their convenience. 

twist and shape review
CC: Amazon

Following the exercises outlined in the manual prove a stern test for fit people too, with the abs and obliques feeling quite a strain and a burning core by the end of the workout.

The twisting motion of this device also minimizes the impact of the workout. This is extremely beneficial for users’ nursing injuries or elderly people with joint and muscle pain, giving them the opportunity to fit in some physical exercise into their routine too.

The workouts provided in the manual and DVD give great tips and exercise for people with varying requirements. The addition of a 14-day diet plan compliments the workouts and helps the users achieve faster results.

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Pros and Cons

As part of our Twist and Shape review, we shall now discuss a few pros and cons of the product.


  • Well packaged, easy to assemble, and clear instructions
  • Stylish and modern design with refreshing green accents
  • Ergonomic handlebars offer anti-slip rubber grip, adjustable to 7”, a good workout for obliques
  • Anti-slip foot pedals on a balance board offer stability and sturdiness during a workout
  • 240° range of rotation while twisting, offers a great workout for core, abs, and glutes
  • Easy to grasp motion, form easy to maintain
  • Well detailed manual with workout positions, also shown as part of DVD workout
  • Manual comes with a diet plan that compliments workouts, accelerates results
  • Low impact on joints; hence great for elderly people, people with injuries, rehabilitation from injury


  • Not foldable
  • Does not achieve a full-body workout effectively like advertised
  • The LCD display is outdated and provides very basic information
  • Handlebar reach uncomfortable for people beyond 6’4”, ruins posture during workout


We shall now summarize all the features of the Twist and Shape Abs trainer before we state our conclusion about this product

  • The Twist and Shape is an extremely well packaged and designed product. From the packaging to the build quality of this product, the Twist and Shape outshine expectations and offer extremely great value for the money. The design is compact and works well in space-saving environments like an office or an apartment.
  • The Twist and Shape live up to its tag of providing a unique experience to the user. The twist motion works out the obliques, core, abs, and thighs effectively. Its small footprint and lightweight frame facilitate easy transport within the house, and also open up the possibility of group sessions which make the overall workout experience a lot more fun.
  • The LCD screen displays the basic information such as calories burned, repetitions completed and time elapsed of the workout, giving the user the required details during a workout.
  • The Twist and Shape is a very stable product that offers low impact workouts that do not affect joints and bones. The provision of anti-slip handlebars and foot pedals ensure a smooth twist motion while remaining sturdy and helping the user maintain their balance. This reduces the risk of injury and makes it a safe workout option for elderly people.
  • This product by Star Uno comes with a well-detailed manual that makes the self-assembly of this product quite simple. The assembly is simple and takes a very short amount of time to complete. The manufacturer also provides the required tools needed to complete the assembly.
  • The Twist and Shape come with detailed exercises in the manual, which are demonstrated in a DVD included while purchasing this product. Added to this is a 14-day diet plan, which if followed, can accelerate the results of people using this product for weight loss and toning.

Alternative Products

If you feel that the Twist and Shape Abs trainer is not the product for you after reading our review, we have a few other products which would be good alternatives for you. We have picked some of the best exercise machines that you can pick instead of Twist & Shape Abs Trainer.

The Twist Stepper with handlebar by Sunny Health and Fitness simulates the traditional way in which we climb steps. 

This product is very similar to the Twist and Shape Abs Trainer, but more focused on the lower body and glutes. 

It is more effective in toning the lower body, especially the leg muscles, thanks to the twisting action incorporated into the steps. 

It weighs considerably less than the Twist and Shape, making it easier to transport within the house. It also has adjustable resistance levels which allow the user to vary their workout intensity according to their requirements.

The Fitlaya Fitness Home Gym Abs Machine Equipment from Fitlaya Fitness is designed for giving the user a complete core and abs workout. 

The product has a knee rest placed on rails. The user can then give their core a great workout by moving the knee rest up and down on the rails, which simulates a movement similar to that of crunches. 

The product is foldable, which makes it a better choice if space conservation is your primary concern while purchasing new gym equipment for the house. 

Another benefit of this product is that it has a maximum weight limit of 440 lbs, which allows people of a higher weight to use it for weight loss training.

Does twist and shape help lose weight?

Yes, it can help you in losing the extra body weight, but you have to make some changes in your diet as well if you want to see some changes in your body. But if you don’t do any changes in your diet, then it will not help you in losing weight.

What does twist and shape do?

The Twist and Shape help you tone, tighten and stretch your core muscles, and it can also help you in increasing your core flexibility, and it can also help in losing the body weight, but for that you have to change your diet.

Can twisting slim your waist?

Twisting exercises cannot help you in slimming your tummy or ads, but it can help you tone your torso, and then you can slim your waist.


Here are the conclusions we have drawn about the product by Star Uno in our review of the Twist and Shape. The Twist and Shape Abs Trainer is a great product that exceeded our expectations in every aspect.

Right from the concise instructions in the manual to the diet plan included with this product, care has been taken by the manufacturer to ensure that this product offers a great user experience during the workout and after the workout as well.

In terms of build quality, it offers a steady and stable operation, which enables the user to carry out their workouts without the fear of losing balance or slipping from the product. The adjustable handlebars offer additional support, which is a big assistance to elderly people using this apparatus.

If a full-body workout is what you’re looking forward to, this product tends to disappoint. The multiple positions suggested by the manufacturer are great for your core, abs, obliques, and arms.

Other parts of the body do not get impacted much, and this product fails to adequately satisfy the workout requirements of regular gym users or people used to weight training. On the other hand, it is a great workout aid for elderly people and those rehabilitating from injuries, thanks to its low impact on the joints. 

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Overall, the Twist and Shape Abs Trainer is a great product to look at if you are looking to get a low impact cardio workout which is innovative yet suits the minimal floor space that you can offer for gym equipment in your apartment.

We would recommend this product for beginner and intermediate fitness enthusiasts looking for toning and low-intensity cardio and core training. If you are a regular gym-goer, this might not be the product for you.

At the end of this Twist and Shape review, we hope you now have a better understanding if this is the product to suit your needs. If you have any questions regarding our Twist & Shape Abs Trainer review then you can also comment down below.

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