Ultrasport F-Bike Review: Is it worth buying?

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Ultrasport F-Bike is a compact, affordable workout machine, but is it really worth buying or is it a SCAM? There are so many questions that come to a buyer’s mind before purchasing anything. So here we are helping you understand this product much better, so read our detailed Ultrasport F-Bike review.

Ultrasport F-Bike is the smallest exercise bike that you can buy right now, it is only 15.5kgs but it can hold 100kgs of user weight and it also has 8 different resistance levels that are created by 1.5kg of the flywheel, and it also has a foldable frame, now you can fold it to save more space. This bike is perfect for those who are looking for a very compact yet strong exercise bike for training at home or office.

Dimensions80.5 x 43.5 x 112cm
Product Weight15.5kg
Max. Weight Capacity100kg and 110kg
DisplayLCD Display (Size Varies)
Resistance8 Levels
Foldable DesignYes
Heart Rate SensorYes
Warranty2 Years
Check AvailabilityRead Reviews

Ultrasport F-Bike comes in two different models, there are not so many differences between the two, there are only three-four major differences, and we will also tell you that in our Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike Review.

Ultrasport F-Bike Review
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Staying fit and healthy is important but we are so busy in our lives that we cannot take care of our body, and to solve this problem there are many exercise equipment out there, and exercise bikes are one of them.

These are affordable, compact, portable, and lightweight and can be used to train, and helps you in staying fit and active. 

There are many affordable exercise machines, and we have covered detailed reviews on them, you can read them as well if you want. 

Ultrasport F-Bike Review

Cycling is a great form of exercise to stay fit and healthy, and if you want to read some of the proven health benefits of cycling, you can read this article by Better Health.

Ultrasport F-Bike is a compact, lightweight, portable, and affordable exercise bike, that comes with many great features, and today we are going to mention all the good as well as bad things about this machine here in our review.

It has two models of different maximum weight capacities, one is 100kg and the other is 110kg, we are going to review both the models here, and we also mention the things that are the same and different between these two models. Now, without wasting more time let’s start our review.


The body of the Ultrasport F-Bike is made up of steel and is coated with corrosion-resistant paint, that keeps the body of the bike free from rust and corrosion, there are many color options of the 100kg weight limit model to choose from. 

Ultrasport F-Bike Review
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The overall strength of the frame of this bike is quite good, I am 95kg and in our three months of testing, we faced no issues with the frame of this bike. The Ultrasport F-Bike dimensions before folding are 112 x 43.5 x 80.5 cm.

And after folding it becomes 131 x 43.5 x 45 cm this compact, and can be easily fit at any tight places.

The Ultrasport F-Bike weight is 15.5kg, which makes it one of the lightest exercise bikes that you can find. But it can hold maximum weight up to 100kgs and its second model can hold 110kgs.

The seat of the exercise bike is a little hard if you use this machine for more than 20 minutes, we recommend you buy a gel seat cover if you are going to use this machine for a long time. 

The seat of this exercise bike is adjustable, you can adjust the seat according to your height. It comes with 78cm to a maximum of 86cm of seat height and it can be done with the help of a knob that is present at the back of the seat.

The base of the bike is long enough to make the workout stable and at the side, it comes with covers that prevent it from slipping. As you already know that the Ultrasport F-Bike comes with a folding design, you can fold the machine and unfold it with the help of a metal pin that is situated at the middle of the bike, where it forms an X-like section.

The Ultrasport F-Bike comes with these colors Black, Black/Silver, Green, Mint, Navy, Pink, and Silver. The 110kg model has one additional color of black and red. 


The console of the Ultrasport F-Bike is very basic looking, it comes with a small LCD panel, which shows time, calories, speed, pulse, and distance.

Ultrasport F-Bike Review
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It also comes with a heart rate monitoring sensor that is present at the handlebars of the console, and it can accurately measure the pulse readings. 

But it cannot read the pulses, if your hands are covered in sweat, in our testing, it cannot read the pulse readings when my hands become sweaty, so you have to clean your hands if you also have sweaty hands like mine. 

There’s one problem with the console, you cannot change the unit from kilo-meters to miles, this is not a major problem, but it can be for some people.

The console turns off if you are not using this for 4 minutes, if you want to start a new workout then hold down the button on the console (there’s only one!) and it’ll reset rather than carry on from your last workout. 

The only thing that doesn’t reset is the odometer which just tells you how many kilometers you’ve done in total from all your workouts.


There are so many great things that the Ultrasport F-Bike packs under its hood and in this section, we are going to mention all of them here in our Ultrasport F-Bike features. We are making this in bullet-list form so that you can understand the features easily.

  • Foldable Design: The frame of the Ultrasport F-Bike comes with a foldable design, which makes it easy to store and easy to move from one place to another.
  • Heart Rate Sensor: The handlebars of the Ultrasport F-Bike is fitted with pulse sensors that you can use to monitor heart rates, and before checking your pulse, please clean your hands, it cannot read pulse when your hands are wet.
  • 8 Resistance Levels: The Ultrasport F-Bike comes with eight different levels of resistance, and this resistance is created with a 1.5kg of a flywheel that is present at the front part of the bike. You can adjust the resistance level from a knob that is present below the console.
  • Anti Slip Footrest: The footrest of the Ultrasport F-Bike comes with anti-slip design and also comes with straps that are well built, and strong to hold your hands in one place.
  • Adjustable Seat: The seat of the Ultrasport F-Bike is adjustable, you can adjust its height according to your needs, but the lowest settings of this bike can be too high for short height users.
  • Battery Powered: The Ultrasport F-Bike is a battery-powered bike, it only needs 2 AAA batteries that come in the box. You don’t have to worry about wires and plugs, it doesn’t need anything.

Assembly & Warranty

ultrasport f bike review
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Ultrasport F-Bike doesn’t come in one piece, you have to assemble it by yourself, the assembly process of Ultrasport F-Bike is easy, one can finish the assembly in less than one hour, it comes with a detailed step by step guide to do the assembly.

And the Ultrasport F-Bike comes with a 2-years warranty, if you find any problem with the bike, you can contact the company and they will repair it or change it. 


No machine is perfect in this machine, we have covered many machine reviews on our site and all of them have some issues with them, and there are some issues with this machine as well.

It is important to discuss the PROs & CONs of this treadmill here in this Ultrasport F-Bike Review because even a minor point can play a major role in decision making.


  • Affordable: The price of the Ultrasport F-Bike, is very affordable, anyone can buy this machine and have a good and active body. 
  • Great Reviews & Ratings: The ratings and reviews of Ultrasport F-Bike are amazing, all of its customers are happy with the product, you can read Ultrasport F-Bike reviews from here.
  • Foldable Design: The Ultrasport F-Bike comes with a foldable design that can be useful while storing the machine.
  • Lightweight: The Ultrasport F-Bike weight is around 15kgs which makes it one of the lightest bikes available right now.


  • Too Big for short people: If you are below the 5.5 feet, then this bike can be too high for you.
  • Not for PRO Athletes: The maximum resistance level of this bike can be easy for professional athletes.


These are the all the good and bad things about Ultrasport F-Bike, there are very few problems with this bike, and if you are planning to buy exercise bike then this can be best for you, as it is affordable, has lots of features, comes with a great warranty and has many positive ratings and reviews. 

The other model of this bike which has a 110kg of maximum weight capacity comes with additional features like, a bigger LCD panel, three buttons to control the settings of the machine, has a wider and softer seat, has bottle holder and a mobile holder as well, and at last it comes with black and red combination color.

But for all of these features, you have to pay a little extra, and that extra bucks are worth the price. If you ask us, we should recommend you to GO FOR IT, it has lots of great things and affordable prices.

There are many other similar exercise bikes like this, Ultrasport F-Bike Advanced Bicycle TrainerJLL® JF100 Home Exercise BikePLENY Folding Fitness Exercise BikeXS Sports B210 Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike.

We hope our Ultrasport F-Bike Review helped you in making a better decision. If you have any questions or doubts regarding our York Active 120 review you can comment down below, we are happy to help you.

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