V-Fit Exercise Bike Review: BEST Affordable Exercise Bike?

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V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle is one of the most affordable exercise bikes that you can buy right now, it has a lot of advantages and some disadvantages, and now the question arises is it worth buying? How good this exercise bike then the rest of the competition, and today we are going to find the answer to all of these questions here in our V-Fit Exercise Bike Review. 

V-Fit exercise bike is a compact exercise bike that weighs only 12kgs, the frame of the bike is made up of a tubular steel frame which helps in reducing the weight of the bike and making it strong to hold 100kgs of maximum user weight. This bike comes with infinite levels of resistance which is fixed to a wheel. It is a compact, affordable, and easy to use exercise bike.

Dimensions91cm x W 45cm x H 111cm
Product Weight12 kg
Max. Weight Capacity100 kg
Display2” LCD
ResistanceInfinite (Tension)
Heart Rate SensorNO
Warranty12 months
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Staying fit is very important as if you are fit and healthy, you can do anything you want, and there are so many ways to stay active, and one of them is cycling. There are hell lot of health benefits of cycling like it improves cardiovascular health, improves blood flow, improves immune, improves stamina, and helps you in losing that extra body weight.

You can read this amazing article about the health benefits of cycling by Bicycling. Without wasting more time of yours let’s get into the V-Fit Exercise Bike Review.

V-Fit Exercise Bike Review

V-Fit Exercise Bike Review
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V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle comes with great features like infinite resistance, strong build quality, and the most important, affordable pricing. 

There are so many good as well as bad things about this machine, and we are going to discuss all of those here in our detailed V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle Review.

So here in this V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle Review, we will be getting into details about this product. We will talk about its features, its functions, its parts and will give an overall overview of the product to understand if it is worth the money.

Should you or should you not take the risk of buying this cheap product since one common problem of any cheap product is its deteriorated quality and performance.

For any gym equipment its design, frame, resistance, and console are very crucial thus if we are here to do a detailed review we need to talk about all these components very precisely.


The body of the V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle is made up of a tubular steel frame that is coated with corrosion-resistant paint, they also use some polycarbonate materials to make some of the parts, the quality of these materials are good enough and they can easily last long. 

V-Fit Exercise Bike Review
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This combination makes the overall weight of the exercise bike 12 kgs, which is light enough, that anyone can pick up this and move easily.

But the maximum weight capacity of the exercise bike is 100 kgs, which is also enough for an average user. In our testing, it easily works without giving us any kind of problem, my weight is around 76 kgs and it easily took this.

The overall strength of the V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle is good enough, and it can easily last long without giving any problem.

The handlebars are padded and the seat of the exercise bike is adjustable, and the seat is also well padded to support your back and buts.

The footrest of the bike comes with straps to keep your foot at its place while working out, and it uses velcro to keep the straps in one place.

At the base of the exercise bike, you will also find two rear stabilizers to keep the bike stable and in one place, in uneven places. The only thing missing here is the foldable design and pulse sensor, it doesn’t have the HR sensor. But it is okay as they are giving so many great things at so affordable pricing.


The console of the V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle is a very basic one, it comes with 2 inch LCD panel, which is non-backlit, and provides information like time, speed, distance, calories burned.

V-Fit Exercise Bike Review
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The console is fitted with only two buttons to go through the settings, and these buttons are made up of rubber-like material, which makes them easy to press while working out.

The size of the console is very small, and it uses only 2 AAA batteries, you don’t need to worry about wires and plugs. Just Press and Play.


There are so many great things that the V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle packs under its hood and in this section, we are going to mention all of them here in our V-Fit Exercise Bike features. 

We are making this in the bullet-list form so that you can understand the features easily.

  • Direct fixed wheel drive: It comes with a tension-belt resistance system with micro-adjustment which provides a steady and constant tension to the pedals, and thus you can adjust it very precisely according to your needs, and it provides you infinite options of resistance.
  • Height Adjustable Seat: The V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle comes with six different adjustments to choose from, you can adjust it according to your height, which makes this bike perfect for multiple users.
  • Footrest with straps: The footrest of the V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle comes with velcro straps, that keep your foot in one place while working out.
  • Battery Powered: The V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle is a battery-powered exercise bike, which means you don’t need any kind of wires and plugs to use the machine, you can easily do your workout wherever you want.


The V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle requires little to no maintenance, you need to keep some basic things in mind so that the bike can last long for years without creating any problem. These are some of the maintenance tips that you needed to follow:

  • Store the V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle in a moderate environment, not in a too dry or too cold place, this can create rust all over the metal part of the frame. 
  • Use a household cleaner to clean the bike, and before storing it again, please make sure it is completely dry.

Assembly and Warranty

The assembly process of the V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle is easy and anyone can do this, but if you are new to all of this, you can take help from any of your friends, they provided a well-detailed instruction guide to do the assembly.

They also provided tools that are needed to do the assembly like Multi Spanner and X-Head Screwdriver, in our testing, we completed the assembly of this machine in 1.5 hours. 

In its manual, you will also find so many extra things like the maintenance guide, the exercise guide, and a complete workout plan, with some stretching exercises also. You can read the manual from here.

The V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle comes with 12 months of warranty, if you found any problem, you can contact the company, the details are provided in the manual.


There are some good things about this exercise bike and some bad things also, and here in our V-Fit Exercise Bike Review, we are going to mention both the things, so that you (our readers) can make a better buying decision.

We are going to mention the things that we found during our testing, so read along to find the good and bad things about this bike.

It is important to discuss the PROs & CONs of this treadmill here in this review because even a minor point can play a major role in decision making.


  • Affordable: The price of this bike is the reason for its popularity, one can easily afford this machine without spending so much.
  • Great Features: The V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle has so many features that it offers.
  • Great Reviews: The ratings and reviews of the V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle is also great, you can read the reviews left by its user’s from here as well.
  • Strong Build: The frame of the V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle is well built, and can last for years without creating any issues.


  • Not for professionals: The V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle has lots of features, but it is a beginner workout machine, the maximum resistance level of this bike can be easy for some people.
  • Not stable: At high speed, the bike starts to wobble, which can create problems, and this can be an issue for some.


The V-fit Fit-Start Exercise Cycle has lots of good things like affordable pricing, a comfortable saddle, infinite resistance, adjustable seat height, lightweight body. If you are looking for a beginner exercise bike, this will be a great pick.

One can buy this if he/she wants to start exercising, as it has a lot of great ratings and reviews over amazon, and if you want something with more features, then you can look at the York Fitness Active 110 Exercise Bike, it packs additional features but it is still affordable, there is another exercise bike Ultrasport F-Bike, this is the most reviewed exercise bike that you can found, it got 10k+ ratings over amazon, but it is still affordable, with only £99.99.

There are many other similar exercise bikes like this, Ultrasport F-Bike Advanced Bicycle TrainerJLL® JF100 Home Exercise BikePLENY Folding Fitness Exercise BikeXS Sports B210 Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike.

We hope our V-Fit Exercise Bike Review helped you in making a better decision. If you have any questions or doubts regarding our V-Fit Exercise Cycle Review you can comment down below, we are happy to help you.

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