Vivosmart vs Vivosport: Which one is best for you?

A fitness watch is not something very new to the market, it has been amongst us and has a huge market base. Vivosmart and Vivosport are two famous smartwatches, but which one is the BEST? Read our Vivosmart vs Vivosport comparison to know the answer.

Both the Vivosmart and Vivosport are great fitness bands, but Vívosmart has better features and is more affordable as compared to the Vivosport, but Vívosmart doesn’t come with GPS whereas the Vivosport is only water-resistant not waterproof. But the overall winner of this Vivosmart vs Vivosport comparison is Garmin vívosport, as it has better features which are important to have.

Smartwatches full-fledged caught people’s eyes in 2010 when watches were actually equipped with smartphone-like abilities, could track our activities, give notifications and what not.

Since the fitness watch was first introduced in the market there has been no looking back, with the addition of new features and design and other abilities these are definitely making their way to our wrist.​

And why not? No one likes to carry that bulky phone while they are out for running, jogging, exercising, etc. 

I mean would you like to give a shot to your iPhone waterproof abilities when you are swimming or like to take that glass back phone with yourself for a jog just to make it fall out of your pocket accidentally and give that flawless back a lifetime scar (and your pocket too).

Probably not. There are unlimited options available in the market but what makes it even more difficult to choose is the same company feeding the market with various options.

This article is to compare the two most known bands (Garmin Vivosmart and Vivosport) from Garmin and to do a Garmin Vivosmart vs Vivosport to give a detailed overview.

Vivosport vs Vivosmart

Garmin is also a well-known brand in the smartwatch sector and proves itself to be one of the best fitness band brands through its unmatchable features, performance, and sports-specific attributes.

In this article, we will be focusing on Garmin fitness bands. Garmin is an American multinational company that specializes in technologies like Marine, Aviation, Automotive, and Sports Activities.

Vivosmart vs Vivosport
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Garmin is mostly known for its sports specific, high-end running watches, it is one of the best-known brands fitness trackings but it doesn’t fall back in any case as a smartwatch packed with several features.

It now produces ultra-functional fitness trackers that do not let you down, neither performance-wise nor cost-wise. Garmin never fails to provide the market with few great options but along with great options comes the confusion of selection.

Today we are here to do a Garmin Vivosmart vs Vivosport, these two fitness bands from Garmin is a fitness hybrid that serves you with great fitness tracking as well as other smartphones like abilities and hence is ultra-functional fitness trackers in other terms.

Since these two are almost identical and serve almost similar functions one question that generally arises is which one to choose from both, so we are here to answer this and you will get the answer for Vivosmart vs Vivosport.

Vivosmart and Vivosport are two very similar looking bands but there is definitely a lot to differentiate. With one excelling in some attributes and second excelling in others it becomes a great dilemma to choose anyone.

FeaturesGarmin Vívosmart 4Garmin Vívosport
Display 6.6mm x 17.7mm OLEDTransflective memory-in-pixel
Resolution48 x 128 pixel72 x 144 pixels
Waterproofing5 ATMWater Resistant only
Battery life7 days3.5 days
Heart Rate SensorYesYes
Notification AlertsYesYes
Sleep TrackingYesYes
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Garmin Vivosmart 3 predecessor of Garmin Vivosmart 4 introduced certain features and attributes but failed in execution so Garmin Vivosmart 4 made sure it does not lag in the features as the previous one did.

vivosmart 4 vs vivosport
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In Vivosport vs Vivosmart 4, there is no doubt Vivosmart 4 takes lead with great points. The addition of the OLED screen makes the display brighter even though it still is monochromatic.

Garmin Vivosmart is budget-friendly yet full of features, it doesn’t just focus on fitness activities it also caters to everyday options and hence can somewhere be said to be an affordable alternative for Apple Watch series.

It is very slim and sleek but is loaded with lots of features, it is also very light which it is supposed to be being a fitness band.

It has trackers for various sports such as running, walking, cardio, swimming, etc for which Garmin has always been known.

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It also comes with the great battery life which lasts for around a week.

One major addition in Vivosmart 4 attributes is body battery. No need to speculate what it is, although it is very much what its name suggests.

Body battery is the energy reserve of your body. Basically what Garmin Vivosmart 4 does is it determines your body battery by analyzing your heart rate variability, stress level, sleep quality, and activity data.

It indicates whether your energy reserve is increasing or decreasing and displays your energy reserve out of 100 so if you have your body battery around 0-25 it means you have low energy reserve, likewise if it is around 75-100 that means you have an abundance of energy reserve at that point of time.

This feature can actually be very useful and help you with your workout session since it can give you an idea of your performance by indicating your body energy.

Another addition is the Pulse OX sensor. This feature is mostly found in the high-end model but Garmin has introduced it in Vivosmart 4. 

These two have a similar design both are rectangular bands, both are a touch screen, but you can easily recognize the destination without giving any extra pressure to your brain.

Vivosport is evidently a bit wider as compared to Vivosmart and has better screen quality and has 24×7 on display.

Fitness Tracking

Basically, Vivosmart calculates the amount of oxygen present in your blood, it estimates blood-oxygen saturation level to do so.

Even though it lags a bit it is good to find such a feature at a highly affordable price. Okay, so Garmin has always been below Fitbit when it comes to sleep tracking but with Vivosmart 4 advanced sleep metrics have been introduced. 

Two major setbacks with Garmin Vivosmart is lack of iOS support and lack of GPS which definitely can make you think twice while you buy it and in fact doesn’t even make to the list of iPhone users.

Along with this small screen can be a problem for a few people. Garmin Vivosport is basically a mix of Garmin Vivosmart 3 and Garmin Vivosmart HR+ only for better.

So we can say Garmin took all the good attributes from Vivosmart HR+ and Vivosmart 3 and combined them to form one product so the outcome came in the form of Vivosport.

Garmin Vivosport is another fitness band a bit wider than Vivosmart 4 yet quite sleek and unobstructive when it comes to its design.

Vivosport does sports color in the display instead of being monochromatic and is totally touch screen. Garmin Vivosport supports great battery life even after 24×7 on display and has GPS which gives this petite device a few extra points.

Since it feels negligible on the wrist it can actually be worn throughout the day without feeling uncomfortable. But as we all know every coin has two sides, its sleek design makes it look more like a band but in return, it turns to be a bit difficult in navigating.

Both of them cater to some great features. Vivosmart 4 has body battery which is a great feature with excellent accuracy and has pulse ox feature which again is undeniably a great feature that helps in calculating oxygen level in the blood (this feature is generally found in high-end models).

Vivosport has GPS facility which Vivosmart lacks. It also supports automatic activity recognition which automatically detects the activities and starts tracking. Another feature available is auto-lock.

One thing that makes Vivosmart and Vivosport fall apart are the colors available. Vivosmart is available in subtle colors like black, grey, purple, and light blue whereas Vivosport comes in bright colors namely fuchsia focus, slate, limelight.

Battery Life

If compared to Vivosmart 3 its predecessor Garmin Vivosport has better battery life, a lot better display which doesn’t fail even in those sunny days due to better sunlight visibility, more sports profile, auto-pause, automatic activity recognition, etc.

It tracks all the major sports (like running, walking, Hiking, etc) along with the daily activities. It has also got auto-lock which can be activated to make sure that those accidental touches do not hamper anything.

But there is this one major feature that this beast is lacking, it lacks swim tracking, even though it is waterproof it doesn’t cater you swim tracking which definitely a turn off.

However, the absence of swim tracking may not hamper you if you don’t go swimming. Garmin Vivosport also supports Garmin Live tracking feature so your friends can track your activity.

One noticeable feature of Vivosport is that it has automatic activity start, that means your fitness tracker automatically turns to track on and plays basic roles of a fitness tracking without you having to turn it on.

It has got strength training mode when this mode is turned on your fitness band it automatically recognizes the exercise you are doing and count the reps. So this was in detail information of both the fitness trackers to make you decide for.

Both have them excel in battery life which is around 7 days for Vivosmart when the pulse is off, sleep tracking is turned off, and for Vivosport when its GPS is turned off. Although it comes down to 8 hours when GPS is turned on, that surely is a great difference.

So finally we come to the conclusion of Vivosmart vs Vivosport. There is no harm in saying both of them excel in what they cater and at what price they cater to.

Vivosmart wins the case if your priority is a slim and lightweight design with features like body battery and it also tells body saturation levels which is another major feature worth noting.

However, if you are a runner you might not find Vivosmart perfect for you as it lacks GPS which is obviously available in Vivosport.

Vivosport also has a great display that does not get affected by sunlight and how not to mention that it has a color display but you do have to pay some extra money for these features to land on your wrist.

Obviously, there is no winner and no loser of Vivosmart vs Vivosport, it totally depends upon the requirements.

As mentioned a keen runner will not go for Vivosmart 4 that lacks GPS however if GPS is not your priority but price plays a major role in your choice Vivosmart will be a better option.

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What is the difference between the Vivosmart 4 vs Vivosport?

There are many differences between the Vivosmart 4 and Vivosport, the first difference is Display (OLED & Transflective), Resolution (48 x 128 pixel 72 x 144 pixels), Battery (7 days & 3.5 days), Vivosmart 4 comes with GPS and Vivosport doesn’t. Vivosmart 4 is more affordable than the Vivosport as well and it has more reviews and ratings also.

Which one is BETTER Vivosmart or Vivosport?

It depends on the needs and budgets of the user, and if you need a affordable one then Vivosmart 4 is best for you, but if you need a feature loaded band, then Vivosport is best for you.

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