Best Treadmill Mat to Reduce Noise and For Floor Protection

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Treadmills are the most popular gym equipment category all over the world. They enable users to walk, jog, or run in the same place, which makes for a great indoor workout option. In this article, we will help you choose the best treadmill mat to reduce noise.



BalanceFrom High-Density Equipment Mat

Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat

MotionTex Exercise Equipment Mat

SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat

AmazonBasics High-Density Treadmill Mat

BestXD Exercise Equipment Mat 








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Best Treadmill Mat to Reduce Noise

Marcy Fitness Equipment Mat and Floor Protector

Importance of Treadmill Mat

The vibrations of a treadmill during operation, which are caused by the motor driving the belt, are dissipated into the floor through the feet.  These strong vibrations can cause cracks and scratches on hardwood floors over long periods of use.  Treadmill mats protect the floor by allowing most of the vibrations to dissipate across the surface of the mat itself before reaching the floor. 1. Protects Floor 2. Reduces vibration 3. Reduces noise 4. Easy to clean and maintain

How do I protect my hardwood floors from the treadmill?

An easy way to protect hardwood floors from the operation of a treadmill is by placing a treadmill or exercise equipment mat under the entire surface of the treadmill. The points of contact will allow the vibrations from the treadmill to dissipate across the mat before reaching the floor, minimizing the harmful impact of these vibrations. This also answers the question of how to reduce treadmill noise in an apartment, as these vibrations also are the main source of the unpleasant noise.