11 Unique Ways To Improve your Treadmill Training

Start Easy and Increase

If this is your first time running on a treadmill, then we cannot say it enough times.Take it easy. You are not an Olympic champion or a regular. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to clock as much distance as other people in the gym. Trying too hard will only damage your muscles and put a damper on your efforts.

Watch That Posture

Yeah, we all know that after a while people forget to keep their necks and backs straight. This is due to their obsession to keep looking at the display to monitor their stats. Some people are also in the habit to closely look at their feet to see their landing techniques. While they are all legit reasons to bend your joints, we suggest you to not overdo this. If you plan to run on the treadmill for a long time, then eventually this will come back to bite you. Soon enough, you will be complaining of back and shoulder pain due to bad posture.

Stay Hrdrated

Can’t say this enough time. Always stay hydrated. Always. This is one of the most basic and underrated treadmill tips. Running outside provides you with the benefit of natural cooling provided by the wind. This lack of cooling can lead you to sweat more than you would outside. Since your body now needs to use more energy to cool itself, the heart rate goes up and now you sweat even more.

Use Incline Feature

By all means, running on a flat treadmill is not much different than running down a slightly inclined road. Combine this with the inertia of the treadmill and you will most probably lose your natural running form. To take care of this, Standard Treadmill Protocol suggests a 1 percent incline as the base for all of your runs.

Increase Your Cadence

There is an inherent difference between running outdoors and running on a treadmill. Taking a mile-long run might take your heart up to 1500 bpm but that same run on a treadmill might only take it up to 140 bpm. This is your chance to improve your form because if you improve yourself while on a treadmill, your performance outside will automatically improve.