Weider Ultimate Body Works vs Total Gym: Which Is Really Better?

Both the machines have a lot of similar features and fall under the same price as well, but which one is REALLY better? And which one you have to BUY? Today we are going to show you what are the differences between these two and which one you should go with. And for this comparison, we have picked the Total Gym 1900. So, here is our detailed Weider Ultimate Body Works vs Total Gym 1400.

Weider Ultimate Body Works has better features such as adjustable resistance, folding design, wider board to workout, and comes with a better number of customer reviews. Whereas the Total Gym 1400 has a better warranty and comes fully assembled. The overall winner of our Total Gym vs Weider Ultimate Body Works comparison is the Weider Ultimate Body Works.

A home gym is a necessity for those who want control in their hands. Perhaps the greatest bit of leeway of having a home gym is that you can practice at whatever point you need and not exactly when the gym is open.

You additionally have the opportunity to shoot your music as uproarious as you need to. In any case, working out at home can get desolate now and again because it does not have the feeling of brotherhood that gyms offer.

In any case, for a few, working out alone is ideal since they’re not happy with their bodies and would prefer to practice in the security of their own homes. Reluctance drives a few people to keep away from the gym no matter what.

While the underlying interest in a home gym is moderately huge, it will cost you far not exactly gym participation over the long haul. Your home gym will keep going for quite a long time in the future if you have picked a brilliant one.

Also, you can consistently tailor your home gym gear to meet your particular wellness needs and objectives. Home gyms are likewise more advantageous than gym enrollments since they’re comfortable, making it much simpler for you to fit exercises into your day. 

You’re bound to adhere to your wellness plan if you have a home gym since you can’t rationalize about not having room schedule-wise to go to the gym. Also, when the climate’s awful, you can simply practice at home.

Home gyms are likewise a perfect decision for the individuals who live in provincial zones with next to zero gyms.

Another advantage of having a home gym is that you don’t need to share your equipment with other individuals. You can invest as much energy as you need on the gear based on your personal preference and you won’t get any germs.

Moreover, you can maintain a strategic distance from the queasy experience of contacting outsiders’ perspiration or getting a whiff of their stench.

Weider Ultimate Body Works vs Total Gym

One of the most popular pairs of home gyms is Weider Ultimate Body Works and Total Gym. While Weider Ultimate Body Works is the most popular product on the leading site Amazon, the Total Gym is endorsed by several celebrities. And that is why we are here again with Weider Ultimate Body Works vs Total Gym Comparison.

The two gyms use the equivalent bodyweight-pulley instrument, however when we put them head to head, glove to glove, who’s going to dominate the competition? Weider Ultimate Body Works versus The Total Gym?

Looking at these two gyms is entirely minimal progressively confused then it would show up from the outset. As a matter of first importance, there are a few distinctive Total Gym models right now available 4 as yet being sold legitimately from Total Gym, and like 10 when you consider all the more seasoned models still accessible through Amazon.

There’s just 1 Weider Ultimate Body Works model. Additionally, the Total Gyms are accessible at different value focuses. Would it be advisable for us to analyze the Total Gym model that is nearest to a similar value point as the Weider?

Would it be a good idea for us to look at the Weider against the most prevalent Total Gym model?

So, if you guys are confused among which one to buy we have come up with Total Gym vs Weider comparison in this article. 

Weider Ultimate Body WorksTotal Gym 1400
Dimensions26.5 x 71 x 49.5 inches92.5 x 16 x 43 inches
Max. Weight Capacity250lbs275lbs
No. of Exercises7060
Resistance Levels78
Warranty90 days1 year
More InformationRead ReviewsRead Reviews

Weider Ultimate Body Works Incline Bench Review

Weider Ultimate Body Works vs Total Gym
CC: Amazon

The Ultimate Body Works is one of Weider’s most well-known items, yet they fiddle a little in pretty much every kind of home wellness hardware. They have an outstanding force tower, just as seats, hand weights, and heaps of extras.

The vast majority of the machine’s edge is made of steel tubing, including a serious strong development. This specific model is evaluated for 250 lbs of client weight, anyway, it is strong enough to help clients in any event 20-30 lbs heavier.

The casing comprises of two principal pieces: top edge and base edge. The base edge embeds into the top casing and is verified by a handle.

Since it’s made of two pieces, you can alter its length. Indeed, the machine is foldable.

You can slide the base casing into the top casing the whole distance, evacuate the handlebars and footplate, and lock the grade leg in a level position, to fundamentally stay with the seat and an extremely abbreviated casing. Along these lines, you can store it vertically against a divider, or under the bed.

  • Features: At the point when completely broadened, the Weider Ultimate Body Works bench has a length of approx. 79 inches. Diversely put, it ought to oblige clients up to 6 feet and 3 inches with no issue for every one of the activities. Much taller clients ought to have the option to utilize the machine, however with a little change on certain activities. 

At the point when completely collapsed, the casing is 59 inches long. Likewise, the width of the machine is approx. 28 inches. Along these lines, diversely put, it will take some space. It’s not a little machine. Nonetheless, then again it’s not incredibly substantial. At the point when completely amassed its weight is 35 kg, and nearly anybody ought to have the option to overlap it or move it for capacity.

The machine highlights straightforward, tube-shaped bases, with plastic tops. Its width offers enough strength for all activities, you don’t need to put it on a tangle.

The seat (or skimming board) includes a reliable 2 inch cushioning, offering incredible solace, while the upholstery is made of thick, sturdy vinyl material. On the off chance that you’re pondering, the coasting board is 13 inches wide, and approx. 45 inches long.

It includes a lot of 4 rollers and floats over the outside of the casing, offering the likelihood to play out an assortment of activities that include your body weight. The rollers coordinate hardcore, fixed metal balls, which render them very solid and dependable.

This Weider seat just highlights two pulleys, appended to the top finish of the machine. They’re made of a blend of hardcore plastic and steel, additionally coordinating mechanical quality metal balls.

They can pivot 360° on their eyebolts, which means they will alter position as indicated by your activity.

The links are military quality steel ropes, shrouded in PVC sheets. They’re profoundly sturdy and can bolster substantially more weight than the most extreme indicated client weight.

They’re done with single hold handles, canvassed in elastic froth material for an agreeable grasp.

  • Resistance System: The Weider Home GYM includes a weight opposition framework dependent on the client’s body weight. In reality, the machine can supply the most extreme resistance equivalent to approx. 55% of the client’s weight, in addition to an extra of 50 lbs of opposition which can be included by means of the 4 Weider extreme body works – resistance cords bungee strings appended to the lower some portion of the seat.
Weider Ultimate Body Works vs Total Gym
CC: Amazon

You can add protection from your activities by associating at least one bungee ropes to the lower some portion of the casing. Along these lines it will be increasingly hard to draw up your body weight, bringing about a progressively predictable exercise.

Likewise, the seat includes a sloping bar with 7 alteration positions. By expanding or diminishing the slope for different activities, you can likewise increment or reduction the weight resistance.

Clearly, the most astounding resistance level is accomplished when the bar is set to the most astounding grade position.

With regards to the opposition lines, it’s critical to realize that the most distant you extend them, the more resistance you’ll get.

The resistance ropes can be supplanted on the off chance that you discover any with similar specs and snares, however with higher opposition. In any case, this isn’t actually prescribed.

You can perform around 70 types of exercises on the machine.



  • Best value for money
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Smooth movement and excellent stability
  • Smooth movement and excellent stability
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Folding capability
  • Partially assembled
  • No need for weight plates


  • Glide space is a bit short
  • Need a second person to move the machine
  • No exercise chart
  • Short Warranty

So, we are done with the Weider Ultimate Body Works Incline bench review. But is it enough? Since we are here for Total Gym vs Weider, Let’s go on to Total Gym 1400 as this will be helpful in answering Weider Ultimate Body Works vs Total Gym.

Total Gym 1400 Review

total gym vs weider
CC: Amazon

Total Gym 1400 is one of the best Total Gyms manufactured by the company. We should investigate what the Total Gym 1400 is about and see whether it would be advantageous speculation for you or not.

Everyone’s needs are extraordinary and what may work for one individual won’t work for another.

So I referenced that 1400 is only one of a few models presently accessible from Total Gym. On the scale from low-end to top of the line accessible models, 1400 is close to the low-end.

I need to examine the distinctions in somewhat more detail, however, when contrasting the diverse Total Gyms with one another, the huge contrasts are:

Levels of opposition as you move up from the lower-end models to the higher-end models, you will see there are more degrees of tallness alteration for the base. This gives you more power over the obstruction.

Weight limit the client weight limit likewise increments with the more pleasant Total Gyms. This demonstrates sturdier edges and increasingly vigorous moving parts. As far as possible for these machines can extend between 250 lb and 650 lb.

More exercise conceivable outcomes the further developed models have extra connections that enable you to perform more activities. Exercise alternatives can run among 60 and more than 200 relying upon the model.

Value cost is the last enormous distinction between the diverse Total Gyms. More alternatives + sturdier casing = greater expense. Costs for Total Gyms can extend somewhere in the range of $300 and $3000.

The idea for all the Total Gym models is the equivalent. They all utilization your body weight and differing statures to give a full-body exercise. The key contrasts to think about when contrasting models truly comes down with the opposition, weight limit, and exercise alternatives (and cost).

The Total Gym 1400, being on the low-finish of the range, implies that its alternatives will be on the low-finish of the reaches talked about above.

  • Resistance: The Total Gym 1400 offers 8 unique degrees of opposition. This implies there are 8 unique degrees of tallness alteration for the base. Review that the lower settings (progressively even) are simpler and the higher settings (increasingly vertical) are increasingly troublesome.

I’d like to bring up that having 8 modifications versus 22 doesn’t mean you are getting less by and large opposition, it just methods you have less power over that obstruction.

You can truly calibrate your opposition level with more stature changes. Fewer modifications imply there will be bigger increments in trouble per level. Does that bode well?

So, for the greater part of us, 8 obstruction levels will likely be satisfactory. Keep in mind, you can generally change your reps and sets to suit your needs also.

  • Exercise Options: The Total Gym 1400 flaunts that you can perform at any rate 60 unique activities from this machine. This incorporates chest area, lower body, and center moves. 

About a portion of the more costly models offers more activities, 60 is a great deal. The greater part of us is not performing 60 unique activities when we go to a business gym. That is, for the majority of us, 60 is all that could be needed.

The incredible thing about working out on a Total Gym is that you can extend the muscles as you fortify them. Many weight machines and home gym machines limit your ROM.

This is only how they are planned. With the Total Gym 1400 (and every single other model), you can stretch out similarly however you see fit. There are no weight stacks or switch arms in your way. This is extraordinary for conditioning and extending every one of the muscles of your body.

Another incredible thing about the Total Gyms is that you don’t need to sit around idly choosing loads or setting up the machine. You can undoubtedly switch between numerous activities without getting off the stage.

You may have seen Chuck Norris switch between chest press, lat drawdown, tricep augmentations, and pec flys without resting between reps.

This advantage will enable you to get cardiovascular exercise as you tone up. It will likewise enable you to consume a greater number of calories and consume more fat than you would on the off chance that you were halting and resting between each activity.

A great many people can complete an all-out body exercise inside 20 minutes. On the off chance that you are fit as a fiddle and needn’t bother with much rest, you could do it significantly quicker. Obviously that all rely upon what number of activities you are doing.

The Total Gym 1400 doesn’t occupy a great deal of room during use. I would suggest having a space of generally 8′ long and 2′ wide to guarantee a lot of room during use.

However, interestingly, this machine can be collapsed level when not being utilized and effectively put away far out. The machine just weighs around 70 lbs, so it’s entirely simple to move around.



  • Fully assembled
  • Cheap price
  • Folding capacity
  • Number of additional features


  • Low weight capacity
  • Board is too narrow

In this comparison of Total gym vs Weider’s ultimate body works we have seen features, PROs, and CONs of both the machines. After analyzing Total Gym vs Weider we can surely say that Weider Ultimate Body Works is the winner.

However, according to customers, Total Gym 1400 might be a great product but Weider Ultimate body works is close to the Total Gym. So, now it is your opinion which one to go for after reading Total Gym vs Weider Ultimate Body Works.

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