What Muscles does Rowing Machine not Work?

Fitness young man using rowing machine

Rowing is a great form of workout if you want to stay fit and in good shape. There are people who hate lifting weights and running on treadmills, and rowing is the perfect full body workout for them. Rowing is very popular because it targets a lot of muscles, but there are some muscles that rowing exercise doesn’t target. 

I love rowing, but I also love lifting weights, but I hate running, and that is why for cardio I use a rowing machine, but do you know what muscles does Rowing Machine not Work?  There are some muscles that the rowing machine doesn’t target like Pectoralis Major (Chest), Forearms and Wrist muscles, neck muscles (front side), inner thigh muscles, and external obliques (side muscles of abs). There are other small muscles that don’t get targeted by the rowing exercise but it can be too much then, because many of us don’t really know the names of all muscle tissues. These are some of the big and major muscles that aren’t worked by rowing exercise.

During rowing exercise there are around 90% of muscles that get involved, if you ever tried rowing then it first requires your legs to move you back, and then when you start pulling the rod connected to the flywheel then your back muscles and bicep and triceps muscles comes to work, and in between your core and shoulder muscles also work to pull the weight of the flywheel.

And while pushing the body back, all the big muscles of legs like hamstrings, calves, quadriceps and glutes start to work, and that is why many of us prefer rowing exercise to train complete workout.

Can you get in shape by just rowing?

Rowing can help you in achieving a good shape, but there are some other things that you need to do other then just rowing, like you need to check your daily calorie count, and if you are want to lose weight then you need to eat less calories as compared to the calories that you burn in one day.

You can easily calculate the number of calories you burn daily, there are many free tools available online to count your daily calorie intake, and then you need to measure all the things that you eat so that you can count how many calories you are eating.

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And if you do these two things, then you can easily get in good shape by just rowing, and if you want to see results more quickly then you can add weight training to your exercise routine as well. 

How long does it take to see results from a rowing machine?

There are alot of factors in which the results are dependent, like how much you currently weigh, and how much you want to lose, and what exercises you are doing and what diet plan you are following right now.

But you can calculate the one thing if you want to see the results quickly, follow the calorie deficit diet, add sufficient amounts of protein to your diet, do cardio and weight lifting with rowing as well. And then you can achieve good results.

You will see results in four weeks of time, with a proper diet and workout routine, but we suggest you consult a dietician first then he or she will tell you about  how much time it requires to see results.

How fast can you lose weight on a rowing machine?

As I already told you it depends on your body weight, height and your diet routine, but according to a Harvard research, it is found that a normal person with average height and weight can burn between 210 to 311 calories per hour with moderate rowing, but if you are above average weight then you can lose more weight, if you follow proper nutrition with calorie deficit diet. 

Should you Row everyday?

There will be no problems for working out daily whether it is weight lifting, rowing, running, swimming, etc. Yes you can row everyday, but then you will get bored easily with rowing. If a person performs the same task everyday then after some time he will be bored. 

That is why trainers add different exercises in their clients’ workout routine, and we suggest you to do the same, you can add weight training, running, cycling or even swimming between your rowing workouts.

It will be efficient if you add some other kind of exercise in between your rowing workout like we show you that rowing misses some muscle groups then you can do weight training to train those particular muscle groups.

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